Cute Polka Dotted Rainbow Bow Tie Ribbon The Blueberry Star: November 2015

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Summer in November

Hey guys !! So apparently I took a much needed 2 days vacay. Me, together with my best friend, Bill and a close friend, Jobelle headed all the way to Nasugbu to unwind. I've been feeling stressed the whole November to be honest, so I thought that maybe escaping the reality for a while will help. And it did. Being away from home gives me so much freedom. "I badly need to take a break", that's what I said to myself before leaving Manila. It will be my second time going there, and I'm still so hype about it ! 

Traveling at night was all new to me! We took the last bus trip to Batangas. It's scary because (it's dark) and there's a lot of possibilities that may come on our way, like accidents or crimes (hold up, or worst a hostage!), whtvr (because I'm a paranoid person, yes yes) but of course it's less hassle than traveling at daytime. It's much quieter too! It was already midnight when we arrived at the hotel (we will be staying over at Tita's room again, Bell's super mom at Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa) then had our rest because I'm so close to throwing up from our 4 hour trip! #motionsickness -_- 

Woke up the next day feeling excited !! 
Good morning Batangas ! We meet again !


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weeklong Vacay at Pateros

If you're my facebook friend, and wondering why the heck am I not posting anything, (since I'm on the social media world everyday) simply because I was awaaaaay... 

I had a weeklong vacay at my Aunt's house from the last week of October up to the first week of November.  They welcomed me and my brother so warmly. At first, I was a little worried because I might make them feel uncomfortable, but it turns out to be the complete opposite. I was loved and cared during my whole stay :) 

We used to watch horror movies at night since it's Halloween, I'm still a scaredy cat as ever probably the reason why I had troubles sleeping at night -__- I gave myself a break from the social media world and learned to enjoy their companies. Truth to be told, I got used to it. Living without internet, thought I couldn't make it, but I did. I realized how it eats up my time when I should be spending it wisely. I found myself not looking for an internet connection anymore. And just that alone, made me realize so much. 

I also experienced a lot of things, like going to "bayan" at midnight, or running an errand there, (since my house is a blink away from the mall, every single thing we need will be bought there), having foodtrip every now and then. Feeling a little safer while walking at night compared to walking around the streets of Manila. Most of all, having our little fictional family :) I got to bond with my cousins and my Tita who I used to call "nanay" throughout my stay. My cousins and I got so much comfortable with each other and shared a lot of secrets too !! 

I learned how a simple life can change you. I found a family away from my actual family. 

My first night with Makmak and Mariel. 
Movie marathon every night yaaaas !! 

Munching these while watching...

Also paid Papay a visit.. 
Then dropped by Mamay's house. I missed her so much. I wish I can spend alot of time with her. I have a lot of things to say haha ! And she's a fan of AlDub too. How cute is that ? :))

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Chapter 10 of 2015

October was a fun filled month for me ! 
Sorry guys if I was inactive last month. I wasn't home most of the time and I had a weeklong vacay at my Aunt's house. I also had a flu on the first week like whoah damn those viruses spreading like a wild fire, so I unintentionally infected my mom. But no worries, all is well now. 

We had a mini celebration for Daddy's birthday. He's been feeling weak for a month now and is back on serious medication. I feel bad that I can't do anything to take away his illness. That's why even when we're a little rough, we still held a little party for him. Thank you God for giving my Papang a good health, that up to this day, he's still with us and kicking! I know he will never get to see this but I just want everyone to know how much I love him. I love you Pa ! Wishing you a long long life! Much longer than mine. 

The very next day is the (again) birthday celebration of my beautiful cousin, Mariel. We stayed overnight at their crib, traveled all the way to Pateros. 

Lol look at those faces//candid//find the siopao faced (  =__=  ) soo blurred I know but trust me that's the most decent shot of us that night! 

We dropped by Mcdo too ! Since the  original swimming outing plan was cancelled because the resort that we're supposed to stay at sucks -__-

Hooray for the compensation hahaha ! Pampalubag loob because fries is for life. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Love Psychedelico "Waltz"

Japanese song for a change ! This one is from the movie, Rainy Days.

This song gave me a nostalgic feeling plus a very relaxing vibe. I downloaded it the first time it played in the movie. Hope you will all take time to listen oh and might as well watch the movie because it's so gooood !! 

♪♫And the radio turns on, so I
Ima saiai no kimi yo good-bye
Kimi wo ima omou mienai kurai
Kaze ni naru you ni sway
ride on, ride♪♫

//[How's your Halloween guys ?
Will be posting my monthly entry soon.. this will do for now :D]//