Weeklong Vacay at Pateros

If you're my facebook friend, and wondering why the heck am I not posting anything, (since I'm on the social media world everyday) simply because I was awaaaaay... 

I had a weeklong vacay at my Aunt's house from the last week of October up to the first week of November.  They welcomed me and my brother so warmly. At first, I was a little worried because I might make them feel uncomfortable, but it turns out to be the complete opposite. I was loved and cared during my whole stay :) 

We used to watch horror movies at night since it's Halloween, I'm still a scaredy cat as ever probably the reason why I had troubles sleeping at night -__- I gave myself a break from the social media world and learned to enjoy their companies. Truth to be told, I got used to it. Living without internet, thought I couldn't make it, but I did. I realized how it eats up my time when I should be spending it wisely. I found myself not looking for an internet connection anymore. And just that alone, made me realize so much. 

I also experienced a lot of things, like going to "bayan" at midnight, or running an errand there, (since my house is a blink away from the mall, every single thing we need will be bought there), having foodtrip every now and then. Feeling a little safer while walking at night compared to walking around the streets of Manila. Most of all, having our little fictional family :) I got to bond with my cousins and my Tita who I used to call "nanay" throughout my stay. My cousins and I got so much comfortable with each other and shared a lot of secrets too !! 

I learned how a simple life can change you. I found a family away from my actual family. 

My first night with Makmak and Mariel. 
Movie marathon every night yaaaas !! 

Munching these while watching...

Also paid Papay a visit.. 
Then dropped by Mamay's house. I missed her so much. I wish I can spend alot of time with her. I have a lot of things to say haha ! And she's a fan of AlDub too. How cute is that ? :))
It's always the four of us ! Thank you guys for making my stay worthy. There was never a dull moment. 

Chilling with these buddies that night.

These two are always soo camera ready lol!

    Midnight snack leveled up !


*insert Kuya, le younger brother, Chuchay And Shiela* 

During my last day there, I paid my final visit to Papay before going back to Manila. To be honest, I want to stay a little longer. I don't feel like going back. I feel like there's still a whole lot of things I need to experience. It's only a weeklong but it was all worth it. Pateros sure hold a special place in my heart now.

Thank you Nanay, Dico, Yeye, Lance, Makmak, Kuya, Chuchay and Shiela <3 Sana may kasunod pa to ! Love you guys. 



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