Chapter 10 of 2015

October was a fun filled month for me ! 
Sorry guys if I was inactive last month. I wasn't home most of the time and I had a weeklong vacay at my Aunt's house. I also had a flu on the first week like whoah damn those viruses spreading like a wild fire, so I unintentionally infected my mom. But no worries, all is well now. 

We had a mini celebration for Daddy's birthday. He's been feeling weak for a month now and is back on serious medication. I feel bad that I can't do anything to take away his illness. That's why even when we're a little rough, we still held a little party for him. Thank you God for giving my Papang a good health, that up to this day, he's still with us and kicking! I know he will never get to see this but I just want everyone to know how much I love him. I love you Pa ! Wishing you a long long life! Much longer than mine. 

The very next day is the (again) birthday celebration of my beautiful cousin, Mariel. We stayed overnight at their crib, traveled all the way to Pateros. 

Lol look at those faces//candid//find the siopao faced (  =__=  ) soo blurred I know but trust me that's the most decent shot of us that night! 

We dropped by Mcdo too ! Since the  original swimming outing plan was cancelled because the resort that we're supposed to stay at sucks -__-

Hooray for the compensation hahaha ! Pampalubag loob because fries is for life. 

Also visited a popular local Tapa-han (I forgot the name sorry) in the middle of the night. Hooray na hooray diba ? 

Thank You Yeye for inviting us. We had fun ! Sa susunod naman ah ! More food trips to come. Tsaka pahingi naman ng height ㅜ__ㅜ 

One of the many things I missed doing with Jung.... K A R A O K E

so yes ! At last ! Napagbigyan din ako 

Went to the nearest karaoke in the city with my Jung~ 



It rained that day, typhoon actually. I'm kind of guilty haha ! Sorry sa birit palaka xD Apologies for singing to our hearts content. I miss doing this with her since she's my Kpop buddy, we sang a hundred kpop songs!! I'm so happy I get to do this again. Aaaaaahhh ! I'm that one friend you're ashamed of bringing to karaoke because of the amount of embarrassment I can cause you is unbearable. I'm not even kidding hahaha ! 

I can change from a crazy karaoke girl to a normal teen real quick! The next day, I had a date with le sister. And pleaseeeee, appreciate my matte lippies because I had a hard time getting it even ㅜ__ㅜ  oh and my eyeliner too, thought my eyes were gonna fall off my face. Lol anyway, 
The ikemen barista is to die for ~

Met my super duper awesome bff too ! 


And he bought me this lovely pair!! 
Thank you Bells ~ as usual you never fail to make me smile.

Now onto my overly bias movie/drama reviews!

I tried watching "Ouran High School Host Club". I was laughing at the acting at first because it's so over the top, but later got used to it since that's what the anime shows. Plus Nickhun from 2pm is part of the cast! Didn't know he would be there and his japanese is omfg. 

Do you guys watch the korean reality show "We Got Married"? If not, then you should. It's a show where two different people will pretend as a married couple and will do missions together. It's super cute and funny. You can actually see the development in them, the mysterious part of it is that, you'll end up wondering if it's still acting or not. I've been watching it every now and then. 

The recent couple I've watched is Lee Jonghyun from CNBLUE and Gong Seungyeon. I can't stop smiling while watching them, because they look so inlove with each other >__< ugghh if you're still curious better watch it. And I swear, you won't regret it. Hahaha !
just have to insert this photo because they look so cute ~ 
it's their wedding photo btw !

Speaking of Lee Jonghyun, I watched his drama "Orange Marmalade" in which he portrayed a vampire role! I kennot even haha ! He suits that damn role so well ! With his pale skin and physique he can really pass off as a vampire. Seolhyun (the main character) must be so happy  because a vampire is going after her. Envvvyyyy!!! Oh right! You guys watch it too okay ? :D 

We finally reached the end of this entry! Hope you guys like seeing my monthly nonsense activities and stories. I know you don't care but that won't stop me from blogging hihihi *evil smile* because this is a branch of me. I love talking, writing and expressing myself through here sooo yeaaah. It's enough reason to keep blogging. 



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