Cute Polka Dotted Rainbow Bow Tie Ribbon The Blueberry Star: June 2016

Saturday, June 25, 2016

One Direction "If I Could Fly"

This song is dedicated to my friend who moves to a city, a city where I can no longer reach for it's a million miles away. That friend is someone close to me, a very close one and this is my first time to experience such a heartbreaking goodbye. It was more heartbreaking than most of my breakups combined. 

If I could fly
I'd be coming right back home to you
I think I might give up everything
Just ask me to
Pay attention
I hope that you listen 'cause I let my guard down
Right now I'm completely defenseless

For your eyes only
I'll show you my heart
For when you're lonely and forget who you are
I'm missing half of me when we're apart
Now you know me
For your eyes only♪

I miss you Darling. :(
and it's so distressing that missing you won't bring you back.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

100th Blog Post + Quick Life Update

I never thought I would reach this but yes I did! and this ladies and gents is my 100th post! Hold right there coz Imma give myself a quick tap on my shoulder!

It took me quite a while and for you it may be shallow but guuuurl, I have to tell you how happy I am for doing so. And I consider this as an achievement.
I started blogging way back 2014, and I barely have something to blog about and trust me, up to this day it still concerns me for some reasons. There were those times, where I almost gave up on blogging because of these things:

"Does this blog makes sense"?
"Do I make sense"
Do I even have consistent readers"?
"Do people actually take their time to check on m blog"?
"Isn't this interesting enough"?
"Do my contents bore the heck out of you"?
"Is this worth reading"?
"Do I suck at blogging"?
and the like.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Amo Yamie Part: 2

The best way to get away from the hassle of work ? Eat some sweets! And that's what me and my brother did. Lashed out my whole allowance to satisfy our sweet tooth. 

Amo Yamie is one of the famous themed restaurants in Manila especially for college students. They sell all these artsy named-frappes, coffee and various kinds of meryenda for a reasonable price! It's also known for its quirky and cute bahay-bahayan (crib) style which you can really enjoy if you're a child at heart.

I didn't know Amo Yamie have a branch close to my home (near UST!)
I saved some landmarks and even a map for the clueless/no sense of direction me before leaving home. But never used it coz' our feet sort of took us there with no difficulties! T^T It was my second time eating here, but first time to visit their Espa√Ďa branch. I took my brother with me coz he's never tried out any cutesy cafe before and I know he will love Amo Yamie's interior. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

May 2016

Goodbye May! You've been so stressful in terms of work, good thing I managed to pull myself together nevertheless, I'm still in the battle of adjusting to almost everything which is going well (?)

Well anyway !

May is also the month for Mother's Day. And as a newbie in the working industry and trying to earn that 9-5, I know I got to do something about it.
I surprised her with a cake. A simple gesture, if you say but I'm only getting started in my career and I'm nowhere near my actual goal, so this will do for now. :)

I saw my momma smiled ear to ear the moment she saw me walking towards her with a cake box on my left hand. She knew it was for her and as I expected she liked it! We had a mini celebration, I found out that she cooked some dishes for that day.

Everyone laughed when they saw "Atunton" written on the cake! I've been calling her that for years now hahaha! It's originated from her name Asuncion. lol Trivia ni mama.
 A 2-layered just because it's so kawaii!