100th Blog Post + Quick Life Update

I never thought I would reach this but yes I did! and this ladies and gents is my 100th post! Hold right there coz Imma give myself a quick tap on my shoulder!

It took me quite a while and for you it may be shallow but guuuurl, I have to tell you how happy I am for doing so. And I consider this as an achievement.
I started blogging way back 2014, and I barely have something to blog about and trust me, up to this day it still concerns me for some reasons. There were those times, where I almost gave up on blogging because of these things:

"Does this blog makes sense"?
"Do I make sense"
Do I even have consistent readers"?
"Do people actually take their time to check on m blog"?
"Isn't this interesting enough"?
"Do my contents bore the heck out of you"?
"Is this worth reading"?
"Do I suck at blogging"?
and the like.

it's making me stress from time to time but here I am still documenting my life simply because I came to realize these two things:
-It doesn't really matter if I have readers or not, I almost forgot the real reason why I started this, it's not because I want to show off, gain countless followers, or even earn a living. It's just my undying passion for writing, I want to express myself, track down my own improvement  and this is all about self-development. So gaining readers or not, I will and still continue blogging.

-I may suck at blogging, have massive grammatical errors and transitions but hey, YOLO ! hahahahaha ! My blog, my rules. I can talk about anything without being neglected and limited. It's a total win-win!

Nevertheless, I do plan on making my blog official, set up some giveaways, or make a facebook page for it, but right now, I have another set of priorities as well. 

Anyways, a little update about my life... I'm barely surviving hahaha!
It's crazy how work eats up every seconds of my life. 
So on one random rest day, I took a quick tour and walked around the streets of Manila with my cousins and brother.

 It's amazing how people still choose to ride kalesa up to this day. :)
 and some more roads!

Our feet took us here! This church reminds me of the churches in Europe (coming from a girl who's never actually seen it other than photos -_-) Either way, this is too beautiful to be missed!

 and guess what ? A wedding was being held inside ! So did we really gate crashed a wedding ? 

 Were we rude for barging in ? It felt heartwarming witnessing someone else's wedding.

Sometimes being lost is okay, you get to discover new places.
 and blessed my K-pop heart ! don't know what this place is called but daaaamn it's a paradise for my korean addicted friends! ( if you happen to know this places lol tell me for future reference hahaha! Coz my ass thinks I will never see this place again. 

It was dead tiring walking throughout the day. 
Till next time guys! 



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