May 2016

Goodbye May! You've been so stressful in terms of work, good thing I managed to pull myself together nevertheless, I'm still in the battle of adjusting to almost everything which is going well (?)

Well anyway !

May is also the month for Mother's Day. And as a newbie in the working industry and trying to earn that 9-5, I know I got to do something about it.
I surprised her with a cake. A simple gesture, if you say but I'm only getting started in my career and I'm nowhere near my actual goal, so this will do for now. :)

I saw my momma smiled ear to ear the moment she saw me walking towards her with a cake box on my left hand. She knew it was for her and as I expected she liked it! We had a mini celebration, I found out that she cooked some dishes for that day.

Everyone laughed when they saw "Atunton" written on the cake! I've been calling her that for years now hahaha! It's originated from her name Asuncion. lol Trivia ni mama.
 A 2-layered just because it's so kawaii!

 Love you Mama Dear!!
 It was a simple feast at home with some of my cousins and relatives.
Mother's Day well spent. You deserve so much more than this Ma, and I promise to take you somewhere abroad if I got rich and successful one day hihihi!

I also got to meet my best friend after quite some time, we've been both busy with work so meet ups like this are so much appreciated. 

 And just the other night he personally dropped by just to hand me this little cake right here hahaha!
We munched on it with my fam. Thanks Kaps!

During my one of the normal days at work, I stumbled upon this cute japanese restaurant, and their food displays were bomb !

Imma eat here soon !! hahaha not today coz I'm broke///

And who will forget about the highlight of this month ?
And it's my first time to vote, I was on the same precinct with my mom, so we voted together.
It went smoothly and I was able to cast my vote for Duterte-BBM tandem. Who's in the same boat with me ? :D *fist bump* It was just saddening that my VP didn't win :( It's okay.... What can you do ? This is the first ever time that I got interested in the elections, and even campaigned for my favored candidates hahaha! Don't wanna be political too much, I might spill some unwanted beans in here so let's move on. 

the perks of being a voter lolol, we took advantage of Fruitas election promo. 

Plus, who can forget the Matcha Series I made last entry ? 
I tried some Green Tea products :)  

June has now started.  hahaha//!! shame on me for being a loser this may -__-
I can't wait to spend my june being a lazy potato xD



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