Amo Yamie Part: 2

The best way to get away from the hassle of work ? Eat some sweets! And that's what me and my brother did. Lashed out my whole allowance to satisfy our sweet tooth. 

Amo Yamie is one of the famous themed restaurants in Manila especially for college students. They sell all these artsy named-frappes, coffee and various kinds of meryenda for a reasonable price! It's also known for its quirky and cute bahay-bahayan (crib) style which you can really enjoy if you're a child at heart.

I didn't know Amo Yamie have a branch close to my home (near UST!)
I saved some landmarks and even a map for the clueless/no sense of direction me before leaving home. But never used it coz' our feet sort of took us there with no difficulties! T^T It was my second time eating here, but first time to visit their EspaÑa branch. I took my brother with me coz he's never tried out any cutesy cafe before and I know he will love Amo Yamie's interior. 

 it's pretty obvious who's the excited one in here!
 Their branch here is pretty organized and a bit large.

Our orders were ready !!
 We had pizza fries, mini bites, fries and clubhouse sandwich plus these two frappes!
 Who has the time to take all these photos despite being a hungry potato ? ME.

 Smurfy S'mores and A-Reese in Wonderland!!

my brother casually lazying around. 

Overdosed with sweets TTuTT it was goddamn delicious guys!!
Plus, Amo Yamie should start paying me with all these promotions I'm doing them for free lol!
 just kidding hahahaha!

It was one heck of a sweet tooth rollercoaster ride!
Until next time!



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