How We Celebrated Our Birthdays ♥

I've been meaning to publish this entry but your girl here be busy on the first month of 2018 lol

but without further ado, here's what went down on my 23th 19th *winks* birthday last December 20, 2017. Honestly, I'm not the type to invite friends on every time I hit another age. On a typical birthday, I usually just spend it sleeping or just treating myself at the mall nothing out of the norm. But just last year, I realized my 20's should be spent having fun and making memories with the people you love coz let's be real, we're not getting any younger right?

Months prior to my day, I asked my friends and reminded them a couple of times until they're pissed hahahaha ! I set up a mini celebration and invited them over!

Sponsored food coz ya know #brokeass

and things are just getting started!

Thank you Aya for these wines ! this actually made the night a lot better. 

Catching up with my friends is probably my fave part!
Drinking red wine is soooo #adulting GG na ibang level na talaga tayo mga bakla !!

S.Q.U.A.D.  *insert Vien, Ynah and Armin* wish you were there guyss ;___;
Times like this are just too precious and I'd still want to do it again for my next birthdays!! I love you guys and thank you from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely appreciate each and everyone who came to celebrate my day. 

Really anxious inviting these people and just kind of expect them to get comfy with each other, but I really am glad to have these set of friends who would get along in just a few minutes of being in the same room. Thanks Jobs and also to my dear best friend, Bill for coming !! 

Cheers to my 23 years of existence!!

Thanks babe for this cake !! T^T Though you were too sleepy and busy with work, you still managed to celebrate it with me and now that I realized, we don't have a decent photo together :3

As for my man's birthday last December 26, 2017. Unlike the sobrang effort pasabog surprise I initiated way back 2016, this one was a much simpler celebration. In fact, we only had dinner out. It's probably because of, you know just grew out of this teeny tiny couple-y stuff. I feel like we've grown a lot through a year of being together. 

To my man, who looks like he hasn't sleep in this photo. lol jk
Another year of us being together and in love, hope nothing will change and you know what..
I think I like the idea of us being together somewhere in the future.  

25 and still doing this pose hahahahaha wtf
like what I've said on the gram, these are the three of my most fave things
all in one photo: 

Here's to more birthdays for us December babies ♥♥♥



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