September 2016

A better way to start my September. I swear Amo Yamie is starting to feel like home ! and I'm not in the slightest kidding ! I was mending a broken heart so I rushed here and it did work lol the powers of sweets. Thank you for the comfort food! That's why mama loves you all ♥

and who literally goes out wearing a flat high thigh boots on a hot sunny day just because. -_- 

 Blackmailed a friend just so I won't be alone to celebrate my crying heart once again.
But looked though?
Do I effin' look sad? THE POWER OF SWEETS Y'ALL!

 and right here is me with my girlfriend, Edz, and she's the sweetest girl in town! Photo taken during one of our random lunch break.
Kawaii right ?
 Bibimbowls at BonChon♥

I almost forgot about the Matcha Series that I started here in my blog! 
So here it is making a comeback in my monthly entries.
Hazelnut Matcha Slush !♥♥♥
I'm still in awe how matcha is starting to get known here. Every newly built restaus/cafe have macha flavored in their menu ! Please spread the love!

I made a new friend. She's Harley and yes her name is from Suicide Squad! A month old Siberian Husky who's owner should remain unnamed lol.Well I wanna have her all to myself but I can't afford to own one. They're high maintenance and my broke ass can't sustain the lifestyle they should have, T^T

 Sorry Harley! I know this hoo-man is too annoying for your own good but please lemme hug you.
That "I'm cursing you on my mind human" look !
 Too cute ! 

A little update about my hopeless cooking skills. 
I tried this crackers-tuna nuggets recipe I saw on Facebook, 
See those fried chicken looking thing?
Yes that's what it turned into/
But trust me I did follow the 5 easy steps. hahahaha! 
#WifeMaterial #CookingLevel #Chef 
Please note the sarcasm. T^T

and I want you guys to meet this little cutie right here who's helping me on my work :)
no really it's a flash drive.

Also this September marks the ending of this korean drama called "W-Two Worlds",
It's mainly about Kangchul, a manhwa character who exist in the webtoon "W" and YeonJoo who is a surgeon in the real world. Now I don't particularly like non-fictional drama series like this but I still gave it a try since my bae, Lee JongSuk is the male lead role. And again I'm being bias af so apologies, but I really do recommend it! 

Not only the story itself is addicting, it is unpredictable as well!
So here's to wishing that webtoon characters can come out of the screen and live in the real word!

Bonus KangChul photo ♥

If it wasn't for my mascara, I would have cried buckets watching the live action of "Grave of the Fireflies". Like I'm barely there but not quite! I was too close to wailing to my heart's content but then I remember that I'm a strong and independent woman. LOL!

Ehem. Anyways, this movie is set way back to the Japanese-American War. 
And is about the siblings who struggle their way to survive during the rough times. AAAAND IMMA STOP RIGHT THERE before I give tons of spoilers.

But if you fancy watching it, better prepare some tissues :)

So that's a wraaaaaaap!
Thank you guys for reading this nonsense blog update.
October is up and I can feel the Christmas just lurking around!!
See you on my next entry ! 
Bye ♥



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