October 2016

I know guys. I know I'm already missing out on a lot of entries hahaha! Kinda hard to balance everything with Christmas coming and work eating up most of my time. But better late than never!

So what's up with October passing by in just a blink of an eye. -_-
Di ko ramdam bes.
Anyways, here's what happened last October, (if you're curious hearing what I put up with last month, stay tuned) hahahahaha!

Okay so Imma start na!

I took a half day at work just so I can join my dear family for dinner in celebration of my Dad's birthday ♥ nothing beats family quality time! You know how I'm willing to trade anything just to see them healthy and complete :) I love you Pido,!

now here's a photo of my mom and dad twinning in yellow. 

Wishing for more birthdays and togetherness for our family!

and look who just got reunited ! Me and my girlfriend, Edz ♥
After a month of separation of branches haha she's now back and I don't know what the odds are thinking but screw them coz we're together once again yay !
 What's a better way to celebrate it ? A lunch out of course! 
 Fell in love with this extra large chicken fillet from Chickilicious.
And their baked cheese fries is to die for ! ♥
 Tried a drink with a "green tea" tag in it hahaha ! such a sucker for anything matcha jusko!

And this one right here taken on a different day and with the same person ofc my girl hihi!
Whenever we feel korean, we eat at Bonchon.

I'm not gonna be sorry that this entry is all about food, coz why not? Who doesn't love food amirite? 
so here I go again meeting my dear old friend, Aya who fetched me at work just so we can dine somewhere together lol.

 Tried eating at Sisig Society and heck it was so addicting!!
 and their fried Kare Kare? that's something you can't miss if you eat there. I recommend it ! Their interior is not to be taken lightly as well, I loved the ambiance and the soothing atmosphere.

and on a different day, I met up with Vien and ate at Tapa Tapa.
I know that at this point, you're all thinking how patay gutom I am, but lol #sorrynotsorry 
 and the matcha junkie in me once gain took over my stomach's soul and ordered matcha frappe which made my friend frustrated since it's his treat hahaha !Sorry na Barney!

So I'm gonna have to cut all through the food talk and actually talk about my life so far!
Ehem *clears throat*

I'm a Tita once again to this cutiepie over here ♥ 
Be a good boy Peter and don't be a fuckboy when you grow up ha! hahahaha! 

And also, who doesn't love surprises? #littlethings 
Thank you Darline ♥ you're so sweet!
and I just have to brag this ice cream coz it's too evil and cute at the same time! Halloween it is!

I'm so loving the christmas decorations that malls set up! 
It makes me feel so dreamy and idk weird how I love anything Christmas-related.
Must be because Christmas is my fave holiday out of all!

I bleached my hair probably around 5 times, that's why they're like falling all over the place, I murdered my hair in desire of having this ombre. In my case, it was my first time bleaching my hair and for some reasons, the first two rounds of bleaching that I used didn't take that much effect. So when my *ehem* boyfriend bought me a new bleaching brand, I tried it and it did some justice but it made my hair so damage than it already is :(( yet despite the damages it did to my hair I just kept on doing it until it reached this color. Originally, I'm planning to have the ends of my hair like grayish since it's the trend.
  but I ended up with pink, and I love the outcome but my hair got so damage and dry at the same time. I'm sorry hair for killing you. Please don't be like me haha! I was stupid for doing so but heck it was just my first time, atleast now I know the troubles and what nots. 

Been wanting to watch "The Nerve", but since my broke and busy ass can't afford, I copied na lang from my "boyfriend"..

And I was thinking, why can't we have the "Nerve" game haha that would be so cool yet if it's in Philippines nako ! I bet majority of the Filipinos would have committed crimes na hahaha ! kems, but really, Dave Franco ? Daaaaaaaaamn.♥

Okay so I have to stop before I spill my fan girl feels for Dave lol.

and I bet you all remember how I was ranting on one of my post about being single and stuff, but guess who's got herself a boyfriend? lol
uhm, yes I'm officially out of the "singles zone", 
 *le taken for granted *ehem* 
too cliche but I'm gonna say it anyway,
sounds crazy but I'm that bes who happens to fall in love with her bes -_-
lololol it's probably one of the best things that has happened to my 2016.
Leaving the single life is kind of sad but to have someone who's actually ready to handle my mood swings, bitchy attitudes and my 5 other personalities is like hitting a jackpot! I'm only on my level 1 and he better like it when I get to 5 hahaha! 
and at this point, I don't know what lies ahead for the both of us.
we may or may not end up together sometime in future, and this might be temporary but heck I don't care coz right now is all that matters ♥
So lumalab layp na ang Inday nyo!
All of my friends are shocked when they found out hahaha ! Well I was quite shock myself lol

Hi to the clingiest guy I've ever met! 
I love you babe ♥
Here's to more relationshitship goals and dreams!!
Please root us on :))

So we reached the end,
Thank you for staying up to this point.
Here's a cookieee hahaha!
See you in my next entry guys :)

Hey November, What do you have in store?



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