Cute Polka Dotted Rainbow Bow Tie Ribbon The Blueberry Star: May 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016

My New Found Love

I hope I'm not the only one going gaga over matcha.

Matcha is a fast rising flavor here in my country, starting from milk teas, ice cream to bread. you can pretty much see every food in matcha flavored already. Coz why not? It's such a fantastic flavor.
 Matcha = green tea powder. What a healthy flavor.

I, on the other hand is subconsciously eating everything that is matcha flavored for almost a week
No regrets guys!!No regrets!!

It all started with a quick shopping.
I may be living under the rock but since when did we have matcha Kitkats here in Ph ????

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

That One Time I Took A Cab With A Stranger

As the title suggests, yes, I did took a cab on my way home with a stranger. 
I was heading home from a night out with my friends, Approximately around 1 am.
And to tell you, I don't feel safe here in my country anymore and yes I'm a bit paranoid. I become aware of my surroundings more than I should especially when commuting, I make sure everyone in the jeepney looks decent and not suspicious. I always hug my bag tightly. I'm at that point. 

I experienced sitting beside this guy in the jeep, probably around his teens, he was one by one asking us for money.  No one paid attention to him so he started shouting and threatening us. It was scary!!! 
I was thinking that what if he had some weapons and went ballistic! Given the fact that I was just beside him, and I got all my important things in my bag T^T Good thing I got off that jeep and made my little escape, I was shaking when I reached home.
and that's probably one out of the many horrendous jeepney experinces that I've ever had. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Why people are so afraid to lower or forget their pride ?
Why some people don't just straight up admit their mistakes ?
Why make it hard for everyone when you can just apologize ?

I still don't get it.
Enlighten me. 

Why do you have to lie ?
Do you think we can't understand ?
Have you ever thought about the people you got involved in this? 
I bet not.

Because you're too busy thinking about yourself.
I thought I had you all figured out.
But you turned out to be the opposite.
The person who's real side is unknown.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Aurora "Winter Bird"

I found this song through the trailer of the movie "Equals"which I'm dying to watch !!
I might treat myself in cinema just to see this movie :)) 
I fell in love the first time I heard it, it's just so emo and sad and makes me feel lonely and kind of hmm what's the term ? ahh it makes me remember the not so good old times hahaha! 

Nonetheless, if you're feeling the same, you should listen to this...

♪♫All I need is to remember

How it was to feel alive

I need to remember

How it was to feel alive♫♪


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Letter To My Late Dog :(

This letter is dedicated to my late dog, Billy.

Hello baby!
How are you up there ? 
Me and our fam is missing you so so so much. :(
I hope you're happy now. 
I hope you're healthy now and free from any disease.

I'm sorry for being incapable of taking care of you.
You lived a couple of floors away from us so we don't see that much often.
and I do regret not paying you a visit. 

To be honest, it's still breaking my heart. </3
Boy it's been a month since you were gone and I thought I've already moved on.
I blame myself for not paying you a visit even after knowing you're getting weaker by the day.
You're the very first dog that I called mine.
Eight years with us, damn. 
How I wish can turn back the time and be by your side :'(
I'm a useless owner.
I cared but didn't do anything.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

April 2016

It's that time again ! Here I go again with my monthly entry. Apologies for the 2 entries for April :( I myself is still confuse on how to balance my time in blogging and work.