April 2016

It's that time again ! Here I go again with my monthly entry. Apologies for the 2 entries for April :( I myself is still confuse on how to balance my time in blogging and work.

Me and my sister had a date at our usual spot. We rarely have time to converse since I started working, so simple dates like this is much appreciated. 

 I missed you Komoro ♥

Had the chance to participate in an event because of work! :)

AND LOOK !!! If you're thinking how, here I'll break it down for you ahahaha~!
Mr. Gary V. dropped by his daughter's boutique (lol I'm not sure) but kind of like that. So he was surrounded by people taking photos plus the media, it was quite a fuss. I was only a few feet away so why not take advantage of it ? :D I rushed to his side ignoring all the guards that was blocking me and politely asked him for a selfie. He was so kind (walang halong yabang ang aura nya ;____;) and down to earth. We exchanged thank you's before I left. Never have I ever felt this comfortable around a celeb. Yes short nga lang naging convo namin yet he's oozing with humbleness. 


Random meeting with my gang.

 Got to work with my friends after a looong hiatus! It's such an overwhelming feeling to bond and work at the same time. :) Hope we can always do this.

And my new bag be looking artsy and all ! 
#Emotera katulad ng may-ari hahaha !

Plus these japanese goodies from our family friend is life! Thank you :)

I face swapped with my Daniel Padilla standee! I'm laughin' so hard at myself ! I'm crazy I know//

I just want to share my photo coz I think I look divine wtf #selfproclaimed  hahaha !
I don't use snapchat filters lang ang habol ko actually ! 

and I wanted to end this entry with this Eiffel tower photo, sent to me by my korean friend from one of his travels :) He is the sweetest. :")

The transitions in this entry seems PMS-ing hahaha !

Overall, April is a mix of challenging and exciting stuff. I'm still new to my work, but I'm glad I am surrounded with awesome people. I just hope I can learn everything in time. It is crazy but let's just see how this one will go. 

Hwaiting ~!



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