Why I Started Blogging ?

I've always wanted to make an entry about this. As what I stated in my "About Me'' section, my interest in blogging sparked because of Kaila Ocampo, the founder of Kawaii Philippines. Why ? a few years ago, I came across her personal blog The Rainbowholic Me. It's about her achieving her dream life in Japan and now she walks the streets like she owns it ! :) She blogs about her travels, DIY's, fashion, inspiring stories, words of wisdom and even her personal matters too! To make it short.,I got inspired by her. Japan, ughhh how many times should I say this... I've always been in love with you..Since I was young. Japan has something that other countries don't have. It's like a different world with fascinating stuff.

I thought to myself, "ah, I want to be like her, I want to go to Japan , dress nicely and fashionably, take cool pictures and share it to everyone in my blog'!! So that's where I realized that I wanted to put some action in it. I did some research about amateur bloggers like me. The starter packs etc. hahaha! What is the easiest and most user friendly host to use, the basics like domain, editing backgrounds and headers, fonts. Customizing the settings and template, tweaking some CCS code. and I'm gonna be hundred percent honest about this, I'm probably the only blogger who has the least knowledge about blogging. If you noticed, my blog is still lacking in some departments. The truth is, I don't know how to tweak codes, even with google it's still hard T^T. I don't know how to use photoshop so I edit my photos from online photo editors or from VSCO cam. oh god I'm useless I know. TTuTT hahaha ! but that little knowledge didn't stop me from doing what I want. Little by little, my blog looked somehow pleasant and decent. And that is where I started posting entries.

Yet here's another problem, I don't know what to blog about hahahaha ! So I came up with my own ideas, like posting some from my personal daily life, like my gala (trips), the movies that I have watched, or even the music I'm currently listening to. I also do manga and anime reviews and other japan-related stuff that I fancy. 

It was challenging and difficult to keep up. My schedule for every post is a mess up to this day tbh...
I'm also insecure about my english grammar. I'm pretty much aware that all of these will be seen publicly and that includes the whole globe by clicking the publish button. Transitions from one topic to another, being redundant with words, narrative stories and such. I do love writing even before, but publishing it for the world to see is in a whole different level. I'm not confident but I'm still here, writing and trying to express myself.

Aside from lack of blogging skills, I wanted to blog because this way, I can keep up with my improvements, (lol if there's any). I also came to like sharing my crazy stories with everyone. Blogging may be hard at first and even until now I'm still not quite sure about some things, it still confuses me but I'm proud of what I have accomplished so far. This blog is my baby. I designed it with the help of my dear friend, Google and Youtube. There's a whole lot of room for improvements and I got tons in my belly lol xD in a serious note, I love getting comments and feedbacks from  a random stranger or from some of my facebook and real life friends. And also to my silent readers who chose not to name themselves. It gives me so much motivation to work harder.

Thank you for keeping up with me.
I still have tons of stories to share and I haven't gone to Japan yet so we will just keep on pushing on.
Hope you will stay with me until that time comes. :)



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