March 2016

March started with a fun-filled gathering with my relatives from my father side :) My Titas' and cousins are so cool ! Like what I have said from my previous posts, never a dull moment! We spend the night at my cousin's new house in Lancaster! What an amazing trip over all and I must confess how proud I am of myself because I was able to navigate with just my brother on our way home T^T *slow claps*  galing mo Grasya !

Thank you Kuya B.A. and Ate Jenny for being so accommodating and yung unli supply ng food jusko nakakamiss hahaha! Till next time !

 My beautiful niece Martina already knows how to make wacky faces ! Dalagita na :D

 No comment about these comfort foods from the convenient store 
As you can see these are the photos that I've posted on my Instagram.... 

 FELT SO SAILORMOON/CARD CAPTOR SAKURA-ISH UPON SEEING THESE MAGICAL WANDS AT THE STORE !!! I used to have one of this, kapag hinawi mo sa hangin tumutunog :))

Embracing my adulthood once again by going to this bar with some of my girl friends. The kind of bar I like, clean, secured, loud and relaxing at the same time. ! No mentioning kung saan hahahaha !

 another chillax happened with some of my friends :)


I've watched tons of old movies but this one is the most entry-worthy ! 
As you all know, I've mentioned before my new found love, Eddie Redmayne won an Oscar for this movie so I was really eager to watch it! and hell I wasn't wrong ! I cried a bunch T^T it was just beautifully made. Felicity Jones rocked her role as Stephen Hawking's wife. But not being biased (okay maybe I am lol) but Eddie, my god Eddie ! HE DID AMAZING !!!Imagine having your neck leaned to the side for so many goddamn hours, that required a lot of physical preparations ! and that is what I love about him. He just don't take roles lightly. He looks similar to Stepehn Hawking. To be honest, I'm not good at Science and I don't even know him until I watched this movie. It appealed to me. I searched more about Stephen coz I was just curious and amazed at him :D He's one of the smartest person alive ! 

If you noticed, it's already second week of April and I'm still talking about March. Apologies for being a lazy bummer. I was quite busy since the last two weeks of March :( And I might get busier in the near future. Honestly, I don't know if I can continue blogging. But as you know, blogging is my hobby and I came to love it, and so I will try to update this from time to time but will probably lessen the posts. :(  



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