Why people are so afraid to lower or forget their pride ?
Why some people don't just straight up admit their mistakes ?
Why make it hard for everyone when you can just apologize ?

I still don't get it.
Enlighten me. 

Why do you have to lie ?
Do you think we can't understand ?
Have you ever thought about the people you got involved in this? 
I bet not.

Because you're too busy thinking about yourself.
I thought I had you all figured out.
But you turned out to be the opposite.
The person who's real side is unknown.

I always knew that there is something odd with you.
I always knew that you were this mysterious person.
I always had the feeling that you're just faking it.
But not to this point.

I ignored all of it because we're happy.
Our friendship is legendary. 
Everything is going fine.
We've been friends from God knows when,
We had a healthy and strong friendship.

But, there were those times, when you just disappear,
No one's heard about you.
Ahh, it's because of him....
He makes your world go around, too in love,
to stay intact with our friendship.

You see us only when you're in trouble,
or healing a broken heart.
It's understandable and we're not complaining.
I know that this is what friendship does.
We only get to see you, every time that happens.
You being in love is you being away from us.
and you never hear a single word from us.
I supported you because I know you're happy.


That one thing happened and it sparked a gap between us.
You threw us away like a trash.
I've never heard a single tone of sincerity in your apology.
You became this different person.
You never listened to me.
You never said a thing after hearing my side.
You're too busy buying your own lame excuses.
Maybe we just got lost in translation.
A form of miscommunication.
I wish you just told me you're backing off last minute.
I wish you informed me way before.
I wish you can just be true to yourself and to us.

I'm hurt and that's why I'm writing this
I want you to understand
I want us to be okay.
I want to reach out to you once again.
But I need you to understand that not every fault can be heal by a single apology.
You sounded mad.
You sounded uninterested and that you could care less.
You sounded like a stranger.

I hated how you talked to me that night.
I was hurt thinking that I wasn't used to talking to you like that.
We've endured enough for you.
I trusted you.
I thought that you would just be honest and say your apologies.
coz we will understand.
Because that's what friendship is.

But what exactly happened ?



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