My New Found Love

I hope I'm not the only one going gaga over matcha.

Matcha is a fast rising flavor here in my country, starting from milk teas, ice cream to bread. you can pretty much see every food in matcha flavored already. Coz why not? It's such a fantastic flavor.
 Matcha = green tea powder. What a healthy flavor.

I, on the other hand is subconsciously eating everything that is matcha flavored for almost a week
No regrets guys!!No regrets!!

It all started with a quick shopping.
I may be living under the rock but since when did we have matcha Kitkats here in Ph ????

and the addiction followed at Starbucks.

I'm not even trying to get green tea flavored ones! Everything just comes naturally. 
But if I have to choose among all, this will be it. 
Matcha ice cream from Komoro. It's heavenly, go try it guys!! it had gotten to the point where I even  filmed myself eating this xD for future craving purposes.
at this point, I found my true love ♥

and then there goes Mcdonalds joining the badnwagon! and I'm one of those avid fan to try it after finding out about it just last night -_-

all of those in a week and I'm just getting started. Everytime I buy drinks, frappe or milkteas from different shops, I always ask if they have greentea flavors. So now, I've decided, I'm going on a journey to find the best matcha flavored food out there. Let's do the matcha hunt series!! :))



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