Chapter 6 of 2015

Another super duper late monthly entry update. Things have been difficult for me lately. When I thought that things were fine, they were not really. I've been putting up a front and been avoiding the harsh reality when it's right in front of me. I came to realize that I've become selfish. I only thought of myself. *sigh*  I can't talk further about this matter guys, but I can assure you that all is well now as I'm writing this down :) I just really want to let some of these thoughts out. 

Anywaysss, before I turn this entry into a self reflection one I better put an end to those drama up there and start sharing some of my current adventures. Shall we ? 

My whole clan went to Tagaytay to attend the Christening of my niece and also to celebrate their fiesta ! 
On the wayyyy. Hello to my sleepy head brothaaa. 

And once again, I got to breathe fresh air and gave my lungs a break from inhaling polluted air in Manila.

Hi nature ~

Me and my cousins started exploring this forest like neighborhood! Trekking in its simplest form. I remember going here a couple of years ago. Much to my surprise, this place hasn't changed at all. I'm glad that the nature here remains untouched. 

Photo session while tiring ourselves out haha ! 

And a rare photo of dad picking fresh mangoes from the tree! It's my first time seeing this side of my father. If it wasn't for my mom nagging at him to come down, he probably would've stayed longer. He looked child like in my eyes. Such a cutie haha lol. 

The shades squad ~

And just after like three days. These two munchkins paid me a visit and even stayed overnight! What I love the most about them is because I can get crazy and be myself without being judged, I mean why would they when we share the same level of craziness hahaha !! That's how we roll.

Talk about the amount of food I consumed hihihi ! Why not ? Food is love. This is what unemployment does to people. 

If there's one thing that probably made my whole June, it would be the anime/drama watching sessions I did.

Let's kick it off with "The Last Cinderella" starring none other than my fave japanese actor Haruma effin Miura. Been a fan ever since Gokusen days huhu ! I wasn't aware of that drama until I saw a photo from it on my newsfeed and he looked so hot on it!! Must calm down Grasya. Ugh anyway, the story is a unique one. It's about a 40 year old woman who fell in love with a 24 year old man. You guys should check it out before I start spoiling you hahaha!

If it wasn't for oniichan, I wouldn't have watched "Another". I've been avoiding that anime for so long hahaha. All this time I thought it was a super scary anime maybe just a bloody one, literally. Yeaah a bit but not just what I had imagined. 

And after all the delay, finally watched "Shingeki no Kyojin". Kudos to the mangaka because omg what an epic anime! Since I prefer the genre Shoujo and romance, I was really surprised and amazed! O_O I'm glad I watched it. Also because I really need to, again because of Haruma Miura who will star in the live action movie which is soon to be release.  Hahaha !! Haruma. What have you done?

Movie poster *Q*

On the other hand, this Kuroneko has been coming in and out our house for a week now. He's a stray cat who lurks around our compound. Everyone in the household seems to like him but not enough to adopt him sadly. He likes being pet and is super clingy. Even though he sometimes scares the hell out of me because he always pops out of nowhere. Imagine getting up from your bed and seeing him looking at you from the end of the hallway. The horror I felt TTuTT My mind wasn't even working well yet and then he showed up looking like some scary cat from a horror movie. I literally got chills down to my spine. Huhuhu ! Neko don't do that. I love you still haha ! 

Selfie to end this lengthy entry ! 



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