East Wood + Ramen Cool

If you think that my world revolves around food, you're wrong right. I must admit. We can never argue about that one.

In fact, I recently met up with my college friends.  

To hihihihihu you know, 

To eat.

Because food is ♥

First was when we celebrated my couple friend's second anniversary!! A midnight buffet at Eastwood is always a brilliant idea. 

 Tasty food + good company = FUNtastic night! 

Trust me, I tried so hard to make my plate looked good. Haha ! 

Thinking "how should I hide my bloated belly after this"?

and who says you can't enjoy pancakes and waffles in the middle of the night ? 
Oh look! What an ugly looking pancake. Ughh I failed my art teacher so bad. Sorry sensei ~ (-A-)

Anyway, we enjoyed the rest of the night. I, on the other hand stuffed myself with those breakfast food TTUTT Dang, they should have served the french toast a little early. 

Took a brief walk to calm ourselves down coz we're all intoxicated by food. 

and went home around 3 am. 

It took me a while to figure out that I didn't have my house key with me. Wow. Grasya ang talino mo talaga ! Really ? Sana kung umaga yang lakad mo may magbubukas pa ng pinto e. Who would forget their house key when they're out in middle of the night? Oo na ako na. 

Since Aya will be spending the night in our house, he helped me open the door with his kawatan/akyat bahay skills haha ! 

A couple of days before, I was invited to have a quick meal with them too. The perks of having nice friends! 

Their ramen is always on point! 
 Ramen Cool never fails to give me a japanese kind of mood ughh

Thanks guys!!! 



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