Chapter 9 of 2015

Here we are again ! Hey guys ! It's time for my monthly entry. My September is quite an eventful one. Mini-reunions/random food trips/movie reviews. Hope you will read it till the end. 

My kawaii mom looking so fineee~
We had a mother-daughter date which I always love doing. Looking forward to more dates with her!

I met up with an old friend of mine ~ my darling Feli ♥ We literally haven't seen each other for years ! Got to hangout with the some of my former bandmates too! My best friend, Bill and Lovely. We celebrated our mini reunion through pizza and jams. Ah simple joys in life.

Uy bati na sila! What a special day for all of us. :))

Job hunting with these two the very next day day! Can you see how busy I was ? xD I don't know why but I feel like we're some shampoo/toothpaste endorsers in this shot hahaha ! Plus the photobomber at the back lol

Detoured around the area...

Thinking saan ang sakayan pauwi ? 

It was a very sunny day when we headed out. All of a sudden, the rain heavily poured. We had no choice but to wait for it to stop. 

So basically, this was what "waiting" resulted into..

Also went to the mall with my fam! This time I'm with my cousins and Aunt. 
You gotta take awkward photos with Tigger if your nephews requested it. Oh kids! 

Lol who am I kidding? I'm one of them!! :D Sorry Tigger for being so aggressive.

Fave photo from that day! My nephews and my cousin looked so cute and beautiful here! 

Mom so kawaii that day too !

The slightly tilted head of me and my sissy is a little creepy hahaha ! We never planned that. 

Then helped out for my niece's Christening ~ Finally my kawaii ideas were put into use! 

I just realized, I did a lot of Tita duties this month hahaha ! I supported my cute nephew to his first storytelling contest. 

and finally,

Jung is here with me now ~ the most awaited come back of the year hahaha ! I truly missed this human!! Haven't seen her for 8 months. We survived LDR guys lol. I was sleeping when she arrived so she woke me up. Despite being a sleepy head, I gave her a tight hug... I was a little emotional too. I've witnessed her struggles living alone at the province and that made me so uneasy and worried. :( ugh anyway what matters the most is the fact that she's here and safe with me now! :) 

Since she came, we've been fangirling over Kpop nonstop! She would cooked meal for us, would cure my allergies, and would sleep together at night. She takes care of me so much hahaha ! 

Second thing I miss about her haha ! Random and epic photo sessions ~

I'm really glad she's here to stay. 

Movie reviews time!!

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is such an eye opener movie. We tend to take advantage of things just because we know they would always be there. This movie made me value time more, we let ourselves enjoy without thinking of the people who are suffering because of our reckless actions. To be honest, if I have that kind of power to time travel, I would probably do the same thing and change some things from my past. But I'm still proud of what I am today. I wouldn't have been the me now without those mistakes.

"Time waits for no one"

My Rainy Days is another tear jerking movie. Everything about this is just beautifully made!! They put a twist with the cliché teacher and student love affair. Plus the lessons you will learn about friendship and life. This movie is really a highly recommended one. Added to my favorite list.

So many feels. I criiiii

I Just Wanna Hug You is based on a true story. What I saw is the realness of the story and not the sugar coating kind of. That's what I like the most about it. Plus the fact that Ryo Nishikido is in it hahaha ! I'm simply satisfied. Aaaahhhh. The Sukitte Iinayo guy lol. Please Haruma will get jealous. No. You can't take me away. Anyway, overall I will give this a two thumbs up for being so awesome. Love really conquers all. 

Kyo Koi Wo Hajimemasu I've read the manga ages ago and I wasn't even aware that they have a live action for this. My oh my what a late bloomer. Thank you for actually turning this into a movie I'm impressed.

Please Japan, make more live actions and put Haruma in it. (-A-) おねがいします 

Until next monthly entry ~ thank you for continuously reading! Although all I ever do is update you with my not so exciting life. 



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