Chapter 8 of 2015

August hmmm how should I describe you ? A troublesome one ? 

Hi! Hello guys! It's me again! Grace!! It's time for our monthly entry :) if you've been reading my blog for a while, you knew what this entry is gonna be about. For those who don't, it's my mini summarization of the past month. 

So shall we start ?

I remeber having a lunch with my sister in (again) a japanese restaurant. Well, japanese food is our go-to food. Whenever we ran out of ideas on where to eat this would always be our last resort. I haven't tried other asian cuisines to be honest because I'm too fond of japanese food lol ! 

Not only this was satisfying, it's also affordable too! 

This is me creeping on my sister while she's eating hahaha ! 

Oh I'd like to show you something !
This is a part of our room wall covered with nothing but anime posters. I actually got tons hidden because it lacks space already T^T If I have to count all of them, it would take me a while. Me and my sister has been collecting posters and other anime merchandise since grade school. So just imagine the amount of collections we have right now. It's probably something I'm proud of having :) 

Bebi bought me the led light that I've been dying to have huhuhu ;__; She even called me just to ask which color I prefer more. T^T she's spoiling me so much. Now I have something to use during night time. Thank you Darling~ 


My sister forced me to finish reading Vampire Knight manga. I put it on hold for some reasons before but she couldn't just stop spoiling me too much that I have re read it all over again. I've been a fan of ehem Kaname, I mean I've watched the anime like 2 years ago. I'm a fan! It seems like I always fall for the gloomy and mysterious characters. 
Here's my another bias review: I love how they blended the romance and the scifi/mystery genre together. It's well written, the story line is very unpredictable. But.... But..... Why ? (Note: you can skip this part if you're planning to read it. I'm gonna spoil you all people just what my sister did to me) Dear, mangaka-sensei why did you let Kaname die ? He even freaking sacrificed himself just to be an anti vampire weapon. T__T really mangaka, really. I was hoping for a very happy ending between Kaname and Yuki, you left me puzzled. Kaname even became a match maker between Zero and Yuki. You know where my feels were ? They're everywhere. Wait I'm just gonna ughh Well I do appreciate Zero's love for Yuki and for protecting and being her husband for a very long time. You know what part touches me the most ? It's when Yuki sacrificed her life to bring back Kaname to life, as a HUMAN. There ! I said it. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

In my opinion, yes the ending is a bit odd for me, it's a little disappointing to be honest. But these are the things I'm sure about:

-Kaname died loving Yuki. So much. Still, whyyy? 
-Zero, gave nothing but his whole heart to Yuki and they even have kids. The young Zero is to die for.
-Yuki still remebers and treasures Kaname that she sacrificed her own life after a long happy married life with Zero.

I know it wouldn't be a vampire knight kind of ending if the mangaka gave it a very happy one, kudos to Hino Matsuri for giving me the feels! 

Including this photo because they look so sweet together ~

I said a lot about Vampire Knight, didn't I ? 

Whoops! Another one! I've watched Kuroshitsuji too! Sebastian is my sister's fave and I think I know now why. I've only watched the first season so I couldn't give much review about it, I still have a long way to go! Sebastian isn't my type though, my sister can relax about that.

Going western, Paper Towns!!!! I'm a huge Cara Delevingne fan. Her eyebrows are to die for anyways, first of all, I haven't read the book. But I can tell that Cara fits the character of Margo so well. She has this badass/myterious side of her and that makes her more suited to the role. Oh and can I talk about her american accent ? She's so good, given that fact that it's her first film. 

Talk about the movie, I think it's a little rushed, everything happened so fast. Though I understand that it's hard to squeeze the whole book into a 2 hour movie. I still liked it :)  "Margo loves mysteries so much that she became one" that's my fave line ! I hope to see Cara and Nate in a movie again. 

Lastly, I want to share you guys what I was up to these past weeks. and Smule are my new addictions. You can hear my voice here and I also have a account. I'm new but I'm quite enjoying it. #ShamelessPromotions hahaha ! 

PS: I'm gonna see my cousin again after 8 months! And I'm so excited! She's probably on her flight right now as I'm writing this down. Finally we can be together again. Hahaha ! Sorry guys. I just can't hide my excitement I've been missing her all this time :(

September is up ! Hi ~ I can smell Christmas!! My fave holiday of the year!! 



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