This Tiny Little Girl

I had a date with my sister from another mother, Bebi. She still makes time for me even though she's quite busy with work. TTuTT She's one of my most treasured friends. And whenever I'm around her, I always feel like an older sister because she's just so cute and tiny little girl hahaha !! I do treat her like my younger sister because I don't have one. Well I do  (Meli Joy) but she's older, she's lived with dinosaurs before. We get a long so well. She laughs at my stupid and lame jokes and I somehow feel sisterly love with her. :) 

We had snacks at the mall first.

These burgers that looks so much different from the menu. Y U do that hun?
It's still delicious though hahaha !

After stuffing ourselves we now went window shopping, yes window shopping because #TwoBrokeGirls hahaha ! 

We had fun playing random stuff at Daiso where I found the led light that I badly want to have for my room. Sucks that I can only lay my eyes on them. Why the heck am I so poor? Huhuhu xD 

So close yet so far <\\\3 

She's indeed for keeps. :) I'm glad I met someone as awesome as her. ♥
Thank you for this day Bebi~ 

Here's to more Friendship goals!



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