Amo Yamie Crib

By far the cutest cafe setting I've ever been to! 

The gang once again gathered for this tea-sweets filled day! 

I awwed in amazement upon entering because it's just sooo cute ~ the interior is displayed colorfully!! It's like a doll house made for adults. My childhood dreams of having an actual doll house that fits me is fulfilled! Hahaha ! 

Waiting for our number to be called...

It's quite jam packed when we arrived.

And finally getting our mini room after a couple of minutes. 

Supposed to be a stolen one but Bebi here and Ynah were camera ready!

The menus are so cute! They even came up with these unique names hahaha !

Customers probably just couldn't take their amazement that they have to write it down on the table xD 

Mouthwatering *Q*

I ordered Red Ridinghood. 

Why Ayaaaa ? Hahahaha !
The food was delicious and cutely served. I would love to try other flavors of their milkteas!! 

Alvin's classic waffle.

Lovely Red Velvet muffin served in a flower pot.

Yuuuum !!

My super KJ friend hahaha !

Ending this entry with a group photo.

This calls for a second visit! Overall, everyone had fun. The food is great. The atmosphere is wonderful. But it's not for large groups since the doll houses have a limited space and if you want to relax and study, I suggest you go there around 4pm onwards? Because it's crowded during noontime. 

                                Thank you for reading ~                                    


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