Kawaii Chibi and Paris Chic Dress Up Game

Hello ! This entry has been on my drafts for a long time and I think this is the perfect time to post it since my blog is feeling kawaii after the revamped! 

Today, I'm gonna share you some cute apps that I use to kill time. 

First is the Chibi Me. As the title says, you can turn yourself into chibi with this app.

This is what the main page looks like, where you can create your chibi. 

You can change everything from:
The complexion.
The eyes.
The eyebrows.
The mouth.
The hair.
The ear accessories.
The blushes and glasses.
The hair accessories.
And other accessories and tags.

To navigate just tap the icons and swipe to find more choices.

It's addicting actually! I made fun of my friends and created chibi versions of them. They all laughed upon seeing it. These are some of the chibis that I made:
Me (secretly beautified myself lol)
Laida our cook/mother of the gang
Bebi who never fails to check herself on the mirror every hour.
Ynah who obviously loves to drink.
Got the most suitable hair for Armin who's holding a fan because it's always hot in here hahaha ! typical Filipino problem.

And some other examples: I just love mix matching everything making a version of everyone! 

Probably the best one that I made ! ^

I would love to have a male version of this app! This is available in App Store and PlayStore. 

The second app that I'm gonna introduce is almost the same as the chibi app except in here you can dress up the whole body of your avatar. This one is called Paris Chic.

Same game mechanics as the Chibe Me, tap the icons to dress up and swipe to navigate. 

Me on Fridays.
Me on weekends.
I created one for my friend, Yumi! 

I recommend this to everyone who likes to play dress up. App available only for IOS users. I used to play dress up when I was a toddler, and even at this age, I'm still enjoying it. Childhood feels ~

I might do this kawaii app game find more often! I shall discover more :D
It would also be amazing if you guys can suggest me your fave kawaii games!

Let's make thousands of cloned chibi versions of us ! 

Until next time! Jaa ne ~



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