Quick Blog Post - Life and Happiness

You know how a girl's brain works at 3 am in the morning, contemplating about life, remembering every wrong decisions, regrets, the things that you don't normally think about during the day but keep on haunting you every night. That's me as of now ladies and gentlemen.

As I'm writing this now, I realized that I do feel so many emotions that I didn't knew were there. It's rooted in the back of my mind, and it's still piling up waiting for it to explode.

I always want to be happy, well, everyone does but as you know "life", it has it's ups and downs and we can't always be happy all the time no matter how hard we try, dark days will be there too.
But we always should remember that it's not the end, those dark days will not only give us experience but will also give us a life lesson that we will surely learn from.

Life is unpredictable, it can either makes you sad or happy. But never let the two of those emotions affect your individuality. Learn to choose what to feel, exercise your thoughts and feelings. Try smiling and finding small happiness while facing a hardship, this may sound odd but this will help, if you choose to be happy, then be happy, it's just a matter of choices. And if you're feeling happy, share it with everyone, the world needs more of that.

Sorry for suddenly giving out advises and feeling like I'm some freaking counselor hahaha ! I'm just in the mood.

~► Grace


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