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Apologies for the long hiatus. If you guys knew how much stress I've dealt with ;____; I won't say anything about it on this draft because this one is suppose to be a happy one :)

Me, together with my class and our Dean started our summer getaway last Friday, March 27, 2015. It was also our advance graduation celeb! 

Storytelling staaaaaaato~

The actual call time was 2 pm to avoid the traffic. My gang arrived before the said call time but as you know hihi Filipino time at its finest everyone came late TTUTT we got completed and rode the bus around 5 pm. 

Excited faces ! Laguna here we go !

Random photos I took while on the bus. 

Fave photo ^ ♥
Sunset + Tree Silhouette = Perfection !!!! 

And finally reached our destination!

Safely arrived! 

Taking a touristy photo because it's necessary ! :D
With the nicest person in the history, Dean Suarez! 

Fascinated by their luxurious looking reception *o*

Rented this cool gazebo we'll be staying for the whole night!

Everyone's hungry because of the dead long hours of traveling so food first! :D almost all of it was from our Dean! She's so reliable huhu! Thank you for stuffing us Ma'am ! 

Finally swimming time ~

Us girls watching.....

*le struggled to stay alive at 5ft.* spot me ! 
(Note: will probably update this to add more photos with us on the pool!)

Taking a rest after almost 3 hours on the waters.

It's getting quite late probably around 2:30 am. Everyone's gone to bath and changed to their comfortable clothes. 
Sleep is exactly what we needed.

Sleepy *took a selfie instead*

It was when our Dean decided to fix our things and end our swimming getaway to have a proper rest in her home. Yes, she took us all on her home! One of the thousand things I like about her ♥

Girls hopped at our Dean's car while the guys we're forced to commute. Upon arriving, we watched a not so amazing movie for me (horror ehem heart attack) Insidious 2 he he he TT___TT I've been avoiding that movie seriously my whole entire life but I have no choice everyone seemed so hyped about it. Covered my eyes and ears the whole time and thankfully I survived! >___<

I took a short nap and woke up because the guys were here. And we all spend the morning getting some decent sleep. 

Whoever took this picture lol! I look like a caterpillar on a cocoon. Thank God I didn't do any of my sleeping habits. That would be really embarrassing. 

I woke up around 9am and looking like a homeless person with my hair all round the place. I couldn't careless about it though xD I would've stayed longer but my gang wanted to go home so I decided to go back to Manila with them. 

I've never felt such freedom in my entire life. It was a first time for me to have an overnight swimming with my classmates. I've done it before with my gang but it's different when you spend it with your class and your dean. I was able to get closer with my class and they've been a very good and amazing company! Kinabag ako guys kakatawa! Thank you guys for making this day so memorable. :) I would love to have a part two !! 

Special thanks to our beautiful Dean!! Mrs. Marie Cris Viacrusis-Suarez for being so accommodating and hospitable! For making this event possible, for taking care half of the food contribution, for simply being with us and acting as our guardian throughout the night. This wouldn't be possible without you. Coolest Dean ever. I have a lot of things I want to say but let's leave it at that! :) 

Credits to Randall for the photos.



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