Card Captor Sakura Clow Cards

Last month, my sister bought me the last set of Sakura's clow card! I got the first one way back 2005 ? I was still in elementary that time and buying that with my own food money was no joke. I salute myself for that hahaha ! Back in the days when I still know what the term "save" means. 

*unboxing* the one that I bought was the pink one so my sister got the old version for me. 

Reunited!! I'm so happy!! TTuTT

She also bought me Yuki's necklace from Vampire Knight.

 I'm so lucky to have such a generous sister! I'm so spoiled hihihi! :) Now I only need the wand and I'm good to go! 

PS. This post has been on my draft for months now. Better late than never *winks*



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