My Christmas Playlist

This will be my Christmas edition entry hahaha ! Christmas songs always give me the feels. Whenever I hear it on the mall, on the street, or almost every where, I get this fluttering feeling and I can't be the only one ! There's just something about Christmas songs that makes me so excited and nostalgic at the same time.


I realize I can't make a post with only a single Christmas song, so I ended up with a playlist. 

I'm so hype right now! Shall we start ? (Not in order) Click on the title links to view the videos :) (since I'm having some current technical issues right now T^T)

Classic Christmas song is always a fave for me. I wanna share some of my fantasies/memories with every songs that you will see on this playlist. I've always had this memory in the back of my mind. This is the kind of song you can hear on some fancy restaurants, eating alone while this song plays and looking out on the window and seeing people passing by. I can see myself doing that in the future. I don't know why I kept on remembering that scene. So many unanswered thoughts haha ! Plus! Who doesn't like White Christmas? I've always wanted to experience one.
This lonely view...

Another memory of mine is me, sitting on a rocking chair (?) by the fireplace, alone in the house, Christmas tree all lit up with tons of presents under it, and again looking through the window, staring at the falling snow. This scene and the first one, always pop on my mind every Christmas. T^T I think it's connected to my past life, yet Idk cause hahaha ! Lol right? It's just that since I was young, I kept on replaying those scenes and it's very clear in my head. Y o y ? 

Perfect representation of what was on my mind! Plus the rocking chair oh my god.
I'm having goosebumps right now !! It matches! (I went to google to search for photos after drafting, a chill literally went down my spine upon seeing this photo. Why is it almost the exact same thing?!?!) 

3. Let it Snow- oh the weather outside is frightful! Coming from a girl who has lived all her life in a tropical country, of course I love to experience snow !! Make an actual snow man and do that little angel thing too ! Too bad I only get to experience the fake ones here in my country ;___; 


4. All I Want for Christmas is You- This song always comes on when I'm shopping groceries at the mall! Never fails to make me mad excited and crazy about Christmas!! Even though if you ask me what I want for Christmas, it would always be, money. Hahahaha !! I mean no! Let's spread the love instead! Plus! Love Actually reference :)

5. Jingle Bell Rock- That mean girls reference is soo fetch hahaha ! No really, I love their version. And I also love singing to this upbeat tempo.

What a bright time is the right time to rock the night away. 
and that famous thigh slap always cracks me up !

6. Winter Wonderland- I really love Selena's rock version! You guys have to listen to it. I even downloaded it to my mom's phone just so she can listen to it too hahaha ! 


7. It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas- I wanna listen to this song while strolling through New York!! It's been my secret dream. I really want to experience Christmas in New York. I must be watching too much Hollywood Christmas movies, but hmm no, it's on my bucket list! Might be a hard one but I'll get there eventually when I'm freaking rich enough to travel. Someday NY! Someday. 

Look at that snow ! T____T


Bucket list be like..

8. Last Christmas- I remember singing this song with my High School friends! And we even added some adlibs to this one. Hahaha ! Taylor's version is also my fave among all.

9. Christmases When You Were Mine- Anyone going through a rough break up this coming Christmas? You might like this song and give you the appropriate break up song on this holiday. Well, it's not like everyone is actually happy on Christmas, I know some of you are experiencing heart breaks. Let this song make you cry and pour your heart out. If you happen to be actually heart broken this Christmas, you'll get over soon hun! There are tons to love ! :)

10. Dear Santa- Probably the latest song on the list. This one has two versions, but I really fancy the English Version! I just love everything about this song and the Christmasy music video!! TaeTiSeo are so cute. 

Did any of your fave Christmas songs matches mine ? If not, you might want to check the rest of the list. Hope you guys like my personal fave songs. Also, this has been the first time I'm publicly sharing my old memories(?)/fantasies I haven't told a single soul aside from my sister because people might think I'm weird and stuff so yeah. I'm probably crazy haha!

But that New York dream ;__; you must not remain a dream okay ? 



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