Yumi's Travel

I'm so glad to have found one of the nicest person online. As I've mentioned in my previous posts, Yumi is my first japanese friend. We talked a lot on LINE. At first, I thought she would just ignore me but she turned out to be one of the sweetest and caring friend of mine! She would send me photos of Japan from time to time. Just little things that she knew will make me happy.

Now she shared me few photos from her recent trip in Miyajima Island and Himeji!

The famous Tori gate. The sunset made this photo perfect!! Yumi is a good photographer hihihi ! 

She went to Himeji Castle and dropped by a temple at the top of a mountain. 

I remember studying about Himeji Castle during my college days. Ahhh so this is how it really looks like. Sugoiii
Kawaii cable car~

She also dropped by Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan before going home.

Jellyfish <3

These are the things she bought from her trip. 

I asked for her 
permission if I could turn her photos into this short entry of her trip.  
We've shared a lot of memories through photos before and now that I think about it, this is the first time I'm publishing it publicly, I hope minna-san will like it too ! Since I'm too fond of Japan, might as well share this to people who have the same japan dreams as me. 

Seeing this photos make me want to pack my bags and just fly there TTuTT Soon. Japan. I'll definitely see you soon.

Hi Yumi ! I know you're reading this I hope you like it even though it lacks info hahaha ! Anyways, I shall visit these awesome places with you in the future so better prepare~  thank you for sending me these. Much love <3

Ps. Hey guys, I'm trying to publish all my drafts by the end of the year, so expect some late entries haha ! But I will post recent ones too so yeah. :)  



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