Star City + Snow World Experience

                         This trip was planned out of the blue or should I say "drag the lonely birthday girl" sort of trip. I wasn't informed well. I was told about it just the night before, but I only took it as a joke. Nevertheless, I had fun because I'm a freaking free loader! Hahaha ! 

                       I was invited by our guild mate/close friend of my sister and I, Emerson (though I'm used on calling him emergt because that's his ign in Summoners War). 

                                                                   Onto the trip! 

                              We started out our day with a lunch by the bay at Mall of Asia. 

                                Then had a brief karaoke sesh which I enjoyed so much!   

                    Sisteret being "pabebe" with her song choices. I stepped up my game and sang my winning piece "Stupid Love" by Salbakutah with Emergt! It was a blast ! Always been my fave karaoke song choice because it brightens up the mood hahaha ! I seriously let out my craziness everytime I go karaoke. 

                     Finally headed with the main plan! Star City here we go! Aahh it's been a while. The last time I went here was when I was still in my early college days with my gang. 

                  People piling up on Surf Dance! This ride made me feel dizzy @__@ As you all know I ain't good at extremely high places/rides. Moreover, I wanna thank Emergt for filming me in every rides we're on. Wow bruhhh.. I look like a dying seal. Don't make me watch that coz I won't T__T 

                                                            "Hope you're all alive and well"!

        If there's one thing I really loved throughout this whole trip, it would be the Snow World! 
         Experiencing snow is nothing but a dream to me. It's the kind of dream you can see on my bucket list. I'm just a huge fan of it! 
This huge refrigerator had me asking for a real one. :(( 
Ear muffs, gloves and an awesome company! 

We're literally sliding and gliding through the snow!! 
I played and jumped everywhere :D They even have a café to help you stay warm inside! You can't feel the hotness of the hot coffee unless you give it a taste. Another new feeling for me. Too bad taking photos with your phone is not allowed, so we felt the need to have our pictures taken by their local photographer inside. 
Dear Mr. Snowman, I shall see you myself for real in the future !

These two were so pumped to try the extremes so I was often left alone from time to time.

Not only the extremes but also the scary haunted houses. My sister knows me enough to not force me to go in there.  Though she told me I'm no fun. Hahaha ! Girllll atleast I'm alive xD

Even this guy from the exit door scares me. -_-

I took a stroll around the area while waiting for them to come out.

We also had dinner before going out to explore more. One box of pizza per person because haha ! Pizza box should be 1:1

These two lining up for the Star Flyer! Always on the go. 

First time seeing their Annex.

Once again my two buddies tried by far my most hated ride, Star Frisbee. Tried it once before= thought I was gonna die. I watched them being span like hell from afar and going "Thank goodness I'm here". 

So I was all by myself again. I listened to some old Christmas song while strolling around and feeling all Christmasy ;___; that night was just wonderful. Hearing classic Christmas songs while seeing bright lights is just relaxing. I was able to enjoy my me-time. 

Thank you Emergt for this shot. 

My sister just can't do a better job.
I do have an example:
Or maybe just as what she had told me, it's motion picture-_- yeah like that's exactly what I want. T___T her excuses always got me. She made the photos look candid. Thank you still. 😘

Dropped by Snow World for the last time before heading for our last ride, the Ferris wheel. 
I like taking photos of it
 and I love the idea of ferries wheel, like what I had read in manga or watched in romantic movies. It's all good until you ride and see it for yourself. >__< 

Upon lining up for it, I can slowly feel my knees giving in. I had my bunny hair band in my eyes for cover because I just really can't. My fear of heights was at its peak and so I started crying. I just couldn't held it in. I'm so scared. :( 

It was embarrassing to be honest. I was such a kill joy to my company plus my sister was no help either -_- She just kept on saying how high we were from the ground. T^T  

Ferries wheels are no fun. 

But I might enjoy and overcome it someday. 

Anyway, Thank you sister (even though you've been a daredevil) and Emergt for taking me out. I wouldn't had the chance to be there without you two. :) I felt like this was a late celebration of my birthday ! Here's to me being a free loader hahaha ! I could never thank you two enough.

So guys, how did your Christmas went? Wish you had a blast!! 



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