Shingeki no Kyojin Live Action

Me and my sister watched the most awaited premiere of Shingeki no Kyojin live action ! I can't believe I'm seeing it with my eyes live hahaha !! I'm not much of a movie goer everyone so this was so exciting for me! Also, it's my first time to watch a japanese film in cinema. So yes! tao na ako! Hahaha !! 

You know it's an amazing movie when even the floor tiles have a sticker of it!

This would have been better if they have put a wig on this mannequin T^T but that was one heck of a detailed maneuver gear!! 

Oh Eren, don't give me that kind of look.

I can't help giving a thumbs up to the movie plus the fact that I look like a bloated version of Mikasa here :3 oh whatever I'm on a fangirl mode.

That movie date's sponsor hahaha ! 

PS: Haven't watched the part 2 yet :( and this post has long been in my drafts. For some reason, wasn't able to post at that time when it's showing on cinemas. 



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