First Half of December

Two weeks of December has been nothing but amazing! I badly want to announce some few important things that I had achieved but Imma have to keep it a secret for now (it's not that exciting though). I feel the need to post an entry about my recent happenings because I'm a hundred percent sure there will be tons of it to come by the end of the year. So I'm posting some of them. 

First, was the celebration of my brother's birthday. We had a quick dinner with the whole fam. Unlike before, we rarely go out to eat now. There's just other important things our family has to face. So having us altogether despite everyone's busy scheds probably made my brother happy. Well atleast I am. :)


That salad was mine. Trust me, I finished the whole plate. T^T

The following week, my dear sister and I went on a date hahaha ! We fixed important papers. Yayyy!! #excited 


We had lunch at zarks. This restaurant is popular among students, but this is actually my first time to eat here. The burger is soooo huge, not that I'm complaining though. Hahahaha ! Me want more! 

We also dropped by Daiso because it's also one of our fave go-to shops. I shopped for my pet's basic needs. (I'm gonna introduce him to you guys on my next post ? Haha !, and yes, I have a new pet dog) I can't wait for you to meet him!! 

Roaming around the mall made my feet hurt so bad. -_- So we went to the nearest Cafe to freshen up.


And I'm gonna have to rant about my sister's bad photography skills. Yeah I love you sissy. But my gahd. Your photos.... This is the most decent one. The rest, if not blurry, bad angle ;__; but still thanks for your mini effort. 


Ran into this huge Christmas tree and dragged my sister just to take a photo hahahaha ! 

It's a little cold right now. Yep I'm drafting at 3 am because that's when I usually make my entries. Right before I go to bed. The typhoon is quite saddening T__T I'm loving the whole cold weather but I wish the rain would stop. Anyways, hoping all my readers and everyone in the world are all safe and dry! 

A few more days before Christmas!! I can't wait ! Hope you guys will have a blast. Let's all give love and never forget to thank God with His never ending love for all of us. 

Wishing you a Merry Merry Christmas everyone! 

Ps. For those planning to give the poor me a gift, shoot me an email, I accept everything hahahaha! No, I'm just kidding!! 

Love you guys!! ♥



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