Family Reunion + Daiso Shopping !

In celebration of my brother's and my Tita's birthday, another reunion was held.  This one was more special than the last gathering we had just this October because my cousins from Cavite came too !! The more the merrier! These were the people that I grew up with back in the days and now they have their own families!! 

Story telling start!!!

I'm not a morning person but we have to leave early to avoid heavy traffic. And I'm like shmurrr...=__=

A cloudy weather it is. 

We all know how good the lighting in the morning is , therefore it shall not be missed. So.....

Le skin looked so good!! Thank you iPhone for making it appear smooth even when it's really dry.

As we wished, there was no traffic so we arrived at Napindan, Taguig in just an hour!

I took a nap while everyone was busy hahahaha!! Then woke up to find everything, I mean every food were served. Just like any birthday celebrations, we ate and stuffed ourselves until we could no longer breathe. Kidding ! It was just me. Yeah I did ate a lot. I mean why not ? 

Took some photos to commemorate this special day! 

First time meeting my "pamangkin" Martina!! She so cute and "bibo" :D

Look at those happy faces!! 

My cousins and my brother who looked so manly standing next to them lalalala!! Hahahaha!! 

It's the girls turn!!

There's a twin tower going on right here -_- I'm short and I find this photo offensive. Hahaha lol. Daddy and Tita so tall! Whuut about mehhh ?!? 

It's getting dark... but first here's a photo of my very noticeable manly legs hahaha!

Martina, always camera ready haha ! 

Last photo of the day!! 

Thank you to everyone who gave their time to join us in this celebration!! 

While on our way home, we asked Daddy to drop us off at Robinson Ermita to shop at Daiso with my sis!! I've been waiting for this day! Because you know, when you're with your sister everything is free :D I mean, I don't get to spend a single penny when I'm with her so cheers to the "magaling sa libre" me!! I've been here for a couple of times before and been buying some of their products but never had a time to blog about it so I took this chance to document our short stop over. 

For those who are not familiar with Daiso, it is a japanese shop where you can buy everything from cosmetics to gardening tools for only Php88! Yes ! Php88!! They sell various of products for a very cheap price. You will get to see unique and convenient products plus, feel the japanese vibe! Actually,  I feel so excited whenever I go here for I feel like I'm getting closer to my dreams. Haha ! Everything here is Japan made products so being surrounded with it makes me feel so good like I'm actually in Japan xD

Now onto the photos, please bare with my trashy photographic skills. I was awkwardly taking photos while everyone was looking at me. These are some of the items that they offer. 

Cool stockings!!
For nail care. 

Cutest socks and beanies!!

Kawaii coin purses and pouches!!

Girly push pins! 

Little Twin Stars!

Was dying to buy that red gloves but sissy stopped me. TTuTT She told me I won't be needing that here in this super hot country. What about that ear muff then ? Still no ? T_____T but it's so cute!!! 

Soooo colorful waaaaah !! 

Look at that satisfied face lol hahaha !! 

Snacks. I love you snacks.

Noriiiii!! Hi love!! 

Baking needs !! 

Too much pink <3

Had dinner before going home.

Also bought two cakes for the two special occasions. 

Fave purchased! :)))

Cherry on top! 

Tadaaaaa~ I personally want to thank my sister for sponsoring that day's expenses haha !! Arigatou ne! 

A heart shaped snack for a hopeless romantic like me. Wow. The best snack I've ever tasted wuhoooo!! 

Korean made popcorns to get me through the day hahaha !! 
This is the most awesome cable I've ever seen. It's glowing. 
In the dark. 

Loving my new phone case!!! Been eyeing this one for quite some time :D

What a tiring day it was! I still have lots of stories to tell but I'll leave it to my future entries. December will be hectic one for me!! Thank you guys for reading :)



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