My TwenTEEN Birthday

"Teenage life no more TTuTT"

Says the girl who just turned 20 last December 20. 


Since I'm so in love with writing/storytelling, I'm here to blog about how my birthday went.

Me and my gang annually have our own Christmas party along with the celebration of my birthday as it falls on the same month. This year was no different. I love spending my time with them the most, especially on my important day. 

This mini party took place at my home. Where they called their dorm because this is also our go to place/tambayan

Prepared and displayed the gifts for our Monito-Monita. This is getting exciting!!

Wackiest friend of mine, Ynah :)

Itadakimasu !! 
The shit fam gave it to me as a gift !! Senkyuuuuu!! Huhu !! Now I'm feeling japanese on my birthday. Lol but yeah! TTuTT 

Aya what are you doing? -__-

Onto the exchange gifts part !!! 

Bebi giving a "very serious" message to the receiver of her gift. She's so kawaiiiii !! 

And it's Alvin.

There was this funny moment behind this picture. Aya thought he was the receiver of Alvin's gift. So he sat next to him to have their "giver-receiver" photo and was ready to accept it but Alvin handed his gift to Vien instead ! Plot twist Hahahaha !! Glad I captured this moment on photo haha !! 

Alvin so evil hahaha !! After the endless laughs, he gave it to Vien. I feel sorry for my Aya though hahaha !! 

Bebi still laughing lol !! 

It's my turn !! I gave a short speech to them, probably the reason why they're all laughing! I just love those happy faces. :)

After thrilling everyone,

I gave my gift to Laida.

Here's Aya finally receiving his gift xD

And his turn to give his gift to Bebi.

Then me !! Receiving my gift from Ynah :) 

Happy kids we are!! 

Armin dropped by to hand her gift to Ynah. I thought she wouldn't make it anymore because she's busy that day. But she still came !! Thank you huhu!! 

She also claimed her gift, another Hello Kitty towel hahahaha! 

Just when I thought the party was over, we went to a bar.

This whole thing was unplanned. Everyone was ready to go when someone suggested this idea. 

To where? 
Upon entering we were greeted by the band on stage in a japanese language. What a great way to start my night! 

Next band is up !

I was greeted a Happy Birthday by this band credits to my gang. Senkyuuu!!

And another band....

This was the part when people started to dance in the front. One by one, they kept on coming until they made a crowd! Soon enough, we found ourselves dancing with them! Making our own little space and creating steps. The crowd was crazy and wild ! It's a first time for me to dance on the dance floor, it's sick !! The band was singing 80's tracks! The vocalist pointed his microphone to us and being the first ones on the very front, we sang! I wasn't singing to be honest, I was shouting the lyrics out of joy. 

That's how I ended my day. 

I personally would like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday, to my dear gang who even celebrated it with me, to my loving family, to my friends who wrote lengthy greetings on my Facebook, to everyone and to God for giving me another year to live. I don't need gifts, just their presence is enough to make me happy. 

But still...............
I've never felt so loved in my life! :( *tears of joy*. Thank you Sir Oliver for the book, Ynah for the bear and a new phone case. My cousin who I used to have bad blood with gave me peace offerings in form of these two cute plushies!! And now we're back on dominating the world with our craziness. 

To my cutest friend, Yumi who greeted me at exactly 12 am.

To Renz, for putting such an effort to draw my face! It must have been hard for you to draw my bloated cheeks. Thank you for taking your time to do this ! Probably one of the best gift that I have received! :) Arigatou ne. 

Thank you everyone! This is the best birthday that I've ever had. 

I'm not getting any younger but as long as I don't look old, I'm fine hahaha !! Anyway, I have to work double time to make my dreams come to life! I think life just keeps on passing by and here I am just watching it doing nothing. I'm missing a lot and I feel like I'm being left out. But this shouldn't hinder my goals. Optimistic Grace on duty !! 

Cheers to more kawaii years !! 



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