BEN 41's Christmas Party

You know our generous Professor who I mentioned on my blog post before ? 

Yeah the one who continuously gives us free meal every class meeting.

Well, he kinda went all out this time.

By organizing and sponsoring our class's Christmas Party!!! 

That's probably the most touching and overwhelming thing a Professor can do to his class. Not everyone can spend that amount of money for a class he only gets to meet once a week! 

Anywayssss, I'm here again to document the party that took place at Casino Espanyol de Manila last December 18. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos because my very useful and loving phone died even before the party started. And since I feel like I'm gonna die if I don't make an entry about it, I asked my dear classmates to use the photos that they took during the said event and I'm happy that majority of them agreed :) 

So with the help of them, I'll now present you "BEN 41's Christmas Party".

*le starts narrating*
*ehem ehem*

After my office duties, I met two of my friends, Laida and Bebi at their office where we get dressed. 

Thank you Ma'am Laine for these pictures. :)

It was windy outside and we had trouble locating the venue, we kinda got lost tbh hahaha !! By the time we arrived, everyone was already there. And yeahh we're late!! But still the party hasn't started yet! 

Our professor gave a short opening speech. 

And finally, the party has begun!!

We had different games organized by Sir Gaña's assistants. I was chosen to be a participant twice. And let me remind you that the games we played aren't the kind of games you will usually see on Birthday parties or in every occasions. The games were for 18+ people lol Yes! I know you know what I'm talking about. Everyone's having fun and no one even dared to kill the vibe.

I will not post photos that might look misleading so I kinda filtered them hihihi !! 

Games photospam start!!!
(Not in order)

The dance showdowns were the best part hahaha !! 

We ate our dinner right after the second game. The food was awesome :) 
Especially when it's free hahaha !! 

Then we sang along with Sir Gaña on the karaoke!! It was rather one of my fave parts of the night too !! He would serenade the girls, and there were those times when he would point us the microphone and let us sing some parts of the song.

 Everyone in the room was singing with a smile on their faces :) 
It was epic.

Now onto the last part ! The group pictures :D

I had fun !! I really enjoyed partying with the class because we don't usually gather like this. It's the very first time that almost everyone attended this kind of party. 

This is undoubtedly unforgettable.

A huge thanks to Sir Gaña for making this party possible and for being a very good example to us. We basically wouldn't have this kind of gathering if it wasn't for you and to your assistants. For sharing your blessings with us, I can never thank you enough ! 

Also, thank you to my class, for being so active, crazy, and wild !! Walang nag inarte sa mga games hahaha !! Thank you guys for the cooperation and for the participation!! 

Credits again to my dear classmates, BEN41 for allowing me to grab their photos just for this use. ^_______________^

And to you who's reading this right now. 
Thanks !

PS: Better late than never. Greeting everyone a Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year!. I hope all your wishes will come true ~



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