3 Weeks of Office Life

I've been ranting about how hard it is to find a company to have my OJT on my previous posts. After a week of company hunting, we finally found a company to render our services to.

Today, I'm gonna share my stories of how it all started. This will be a brief summary of my office life for the past 3 weeks. Actually, everything happened so fast!! Passed our resum├ęs on Monday, got called on Wednesday then finally started our first day on Thursday, last November 20. Relieved that two of my friends got accepted too! 

First day in photos...

Brought this pink and white striped bow because I need some Kawaii power on my first day!!!! Met my friends and had breakfast before going to the office.

And we're here.. we arrived so early and since nobody's around, I took few photos of the office. 

We we're informed beforehand that one of us will be separated and will be assigned to the Admin Office. I was desperately hoping that it won't be me because I'm a shy type of person. 

But it seems like luck wasn't siding with me that day. Yes, I was the one who got separated. :( Talk about the irony. TTuTT

I was assigned at the Admin Office located at the mall. I was kindly greeted by my bosses and they we're all welcoming. I'm smiling on the outside but I'm more than scared and nervous on the inside like what will they make me do? 

First days are the probably the most nerve racking events. I'm clueless on how everything works. Answering the phone, giving out gatepass and permits and stuff, filing papers etc. 

Atleast some of them are helpful and patient enough to teach me things. I got to meet my co-OJT worker the next day and we already clicked!! She's Maricel, a very reliable worker. She seemed to already know the things around the office. I'm relieved that I get to work with someone as amazing as her.

2nd week is up, there's an event and my boss asked me to take photos and watched it. 

The perks of working haha ! I got to watch it like I'm on the vip section xD nobody can shoo me away. Lol. 

Went a little closer.... 

All of the contestants sang very well, I got goosebumps while listening to them so in the end, they all won and will have the chance to compete for the next round. 

Me and my new friend/co worker, Maricel had our little photo sesh after the contest!!.

This is what we do when no one's around. Bosses I mean haha!! 

*le pretended to be on phone*


Thank you Ma'am Cecille for this chocolate!

3rd week !! Slowly adapting to our office life. Taking phone calls became a little normal. Filing papers and doing some xerox became my routine, handling tenants became a little less hassle. 

Oh and we got a new co OJT worker!! Her name is Alison!! She's so cute and funny to be around. 

Another event was up, the Grand Finals of the contest that happened last week. And so we were hanging out at the office doing crazy stuff between taking photos and doing paper works xD 

Sir Oliver joined us :)

That double chin tho xD

The only photo I took during the final contest. Lazy me hahaha !! 

There's a lot more to say but I'll keep this short for now. This is the main reason why my blog became inactive last month but even if it's making me hella tired, I still love doing office works and enjoying this experience. 

Thank you for reading. 



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