How My November Went

November was probably the most hectic month for me. I only managed to update two blog posts because of my always full schedule. Gomen ne~ (-A-) I missed blogging aaaa!!  and now that I have the time to publish a new entry, I will no longer make you wait!! :D

We set up our 5 ft. Christmas Tree in the very first day of November. I don't know why mom decided to put it up in the middle of a gloomy holiday. It still looked fab after all these years... Would you believe if I say that it is older than me ? 

Nevermind the messy decorations, we're talking about the tree and the tree alone hahaha !! Let's just focus on the subject 'mkay? XD

I started my first week chatting with Yumi again, for the second time !! 

She's so cute omg omg !! We even exchanged I love you's. Talking with her made me forget my problems for a while. She is someone whom you can tell your fears and be crazy without being judged instead will tell you sweet and comforting words. TTuTT

We also celebrated my friend, Laida's birthday last November 9!! It was a blast. Just like me who gave my friends a very hard time TTuTT sorry my dear friends!! (-A-) Well, I don't want you all to wonder what the heck I did, so I'm gonna spill it straight from me. Hahaha!! I got drunk during the celebration TTUTT I was just having fun, I didn't realize I was drinking way too aggressively. The next thing I remember was me, being so loud and cray cray. >_< after the session, I went home together with my friends and we all slept in my bed. Got a major hungover the next day. Nice. 

The aftermath. Hahahaha!!

Jumping into a different topic, 
I finally started my OJt too !!! So my sched became twice hectic TT__TT I'll make a separate entry about my first two weeks in the company. I sort of became a bookworm too hahaha !! I bought 4 books in just a week. I always wanted to read. Despite of my busy schedule, I make sure I get to read atleast a chapter and I don't stay in a particular genre, if I find the book interesting then I'll buy it. Plus, the store where I buy my books were on sale until the last week of December. Believe it or not, but they sell all kinds of books for only Php20.00. Of course it's given that they're not brand new but it is still in very good conditions so opportunities like this couldn't be missed!! I'll collect books so I can do some reading on my spare time. Yeah! I'm a sucker for anything cheap hahaha!!

November made me so tired to be honest. I have to adjust going on duty then going to school right after. Doing both is really making me exhausted. I barely play League of Legends too haha ! I hope December will be a good month. 

So that's how my November went. Apologies for being inactive the whole month. I'll be back on track once I finished completing my OJT!! Wish me luck. Stay awesome people!

Friendly reminder: December is le birth month ehem ehem... Hahahaha !! I do accept cash xD 



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