Dreamland Cafe Experience

We have reached the third and last part of my Tagaytay trip. So sorry for posting this late. I just got back from Baguio and I'm still high on Baguio hype!
 For those who just got here, these are previous posts I made. 

Our trip would not be complete without a short visit to one of the most searched cafe in Tagaytay. I have heard and read a lot of positive feedbacks and to finally get to try it myself... uwaaaah!

So after checking out at Crosswinds Tagaytay we decided to have a quick lunch here. 
The exterior was already looking bomb !

We paid Php100/head for the registration which is consumable.

It was a not so crowded day. 

But the experience went downhill starting from this. 
We chose the lower part of the bunk bed, there were seven of us. 
We noticed the staffs' awkward glances until a woman approached us, looking all sulky telling us this area could only accommodate 4 persons. The woman kept on murmuring something under her breath while walking away. Like you need to chill. 

So we're like okay then, we all transferred to a sad looking table beside it.  
We had to ask for extra chairs since I don't think they can actually accommodate big groups. 

We let it slide since we did not want to ruin the experience. 

After like a 20 minute waiting game. The food arrived!
We're all starving but the food was disappointing :(
Just look at the chicken. T^T
I had their version of Matcha Frappe, so far the most unsatisfying matcha I've ever had :( It tasted like a mix of banana and avocado instead of green tea. I kept on wondering if I ordered the right drink, but I was so sure!

The service was slow. Despite the perfect ambiance and interior of the place, I guess they could not live up to people's expectations. 
We all felt unwelcome. I think the only part we enjoyed was at the reception since the staffs there were accommodating enough. The rest sucked. 
Can you tell with my face ? lol

Personally, their shop is way better. 
I like their idea of supporting local artists by selling their crafts. 

Overall, the experience could have been better if they were more accommodating and not throwing attitudes to their guests. For a first timer like me, this was a little traumatizing. I was so pumped to try this cafe coz ya know, I'm not always on the road. I'm your usual Manila girl so I swore to myself to try this once I stepped a foot in Tagaytay. :(

Now this is just an over-hyped cafe. 
Sorry Dreamland Cafe. 



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