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Baguio For The 3rd Time + Sky Ranch!

Baguio, for some weird reason, captured my heart.
There's something mesmerizing about it that makes me go back over and over again. Maybe it's the cold and foggy weather? The pine trees? The small town image that I have always pictured in my head? Who knows!

 I recently had a dream of me living alone in this city. Staring blankly at the ethereal forest from the huge glass window in the apartment that I was renting, I was in awe. There, I saw myself switching to a new career, blending in with the crowd, buying veggies from the market, and even cooking for myself! 

Enough of the pep talk. 
Here comes the trip!

We reached Baguio around 10pm and the only thing we want that time was a good night's rest. I could barely feel my butt from all the sitting that we did lol.

The next morning, I, of course, encouraged them to try the 50s Diner for our breaky! 

And just like the tourist that we were, we visited some famous Tourist Spots. Will never be tired of visiting those!

Burnham Park

Mines View Park. 

and whenever I go here, I always buy dried squid so I have something to munch on while going around.  

The Mansion

looook at this bug who landed on my hand. kawaii ~

Lourdes Grotto.
I was legit sweating climbing all 252 steps all throughout lol but it's a good exercise. :D

The last stop before going back to our transient was the newly opened amusement park, Sky Ranch Baguio.

We felt like we rented the place coz there were not many people. 
It's almost empty.

We only wanted to roam and see the area but the Ferris Wheel was just so tempting we had to try it!
I enjoyed the ride, I swear despite my constant panic from the height, I survived.  

and my friend right here legit turned into an enemy!!
They kept on joking, moving around causing the ride to shake xD
it kinda made me tear up a bit coz I was goddamn scared but all good. 
It was hella fun.

look at her face !!
she's evil laughing while picking on me!

and a visit to Baguio won't be complete without a dinner at one of the most famous restaurants in the city, Good Taste. 

which basically lives up to their name.

This, I believe is mixed matcha and bubblegum flavored pudding from Pudgy Pudding that I only got to try in Baguio. Found their store across our transient so why not give it a try? For the love of matcha, this was heaven!
Hope they will have a Manila branch too! would love to try other flavors!

An ugly and lazy shot of our room. There were only three of us but the room that they gave us was enough to fit 6-7 people. Is this considered an upgrade ?? lol!
Sta. Theresa Inn has been our go-to transient every time we go here. Located along Marcos Highway so no need to drop off at the actual terminal coz this is the usual route of the bus.

Til we meet again B, 



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