Quick Life Update!

Yall, your girl here has been slacking for months!! 

To be honest, in those 3 months, I thought of shutting down my blog for good. At some certain point, it just doesn't motivate me anymore but more like an obligation. I have to admit, I felt free during those time I wasn't blogging or making an effort to create contents. It went well for the first month! I thought I could finally give up on blogging but I was wrong. I started craving for it; like I have to let my thoughts out and the best way I could think of expressing myself is through writing. That was also when I realized the main purpose of why I fell in love with it in the first place.
Ever since I launched the The Blueberry Star Blog, I swore to myself that whatever happens, I will not let the number of views, comments affect my passion in blogging. I will continue writing as an art of expression. So here I am. 

Quick life update !!
Even though most of you don't care lol. Life, for me, has been errrr a roller coaster ride! My family moved out from the house that we used to live in for so many years and I'm having a major separation anxiety! :( I'm gonna miss home. Still in the process of settling in and adjusting on our new home. 
Traffic + weighing the transpo budget + getting lost , house is nowhere near done= stress. 
 On top of that, my computer broke down and I too at some point lol 

What have I been doing these months ? 
A lot actually, I went out with my friends, spent money way too much, ate more and more food, dated someone, hmm what else ? 

I went back to Baguio for the 3rd time ! and it's crazy that I was there the same time last year! l

I'm not sure if this is still healthy but it's August now and I already have plans on going back again lol 
Baguio is really therapeutic for me. 

This time I went with my best friend Bill and Jobs :)
Full Baguio trip will be up on my next blog!

on a random day somewhere in May
I cut my own bangs. 

Turned out that I was just bored not really wanna cut my hair or what!
it's not even a straight one! it was horrible.

and I forgot the fact that I have a huge round face so T^T

*smiling like I'm happy with it*

We finally reached my most fave part of this blog.
The Matcha Hunt Adventure!
Starting off with these matcha goodies that my good old friend had brought me from Japan !!

I'm grateful. Arigatou ~

my fave amongst them lol

Tried this Matcha Sansrival Cake and this frappe from UCC too.

Another treats from Nihon!
Thanks Jobs ~

and this Espresso Matcha Fusion

Random Snaps !!

Found these letters while I was packing my stuff!
Even until this day, nothing can beat receiving hand written letters from your friends and loved ones! Still lucky I got to experience the low key way of showing someone your feelings before the millenial stage took over. 

Call me an old soul if you may.

Bid farewell to these babies as I can't bring them anymore with me. 
As much as I'd like to, I was told to bring the stuff that I only need. 
Had to leave them all behind. Some were given to me as birthday gifts, while others were "pasalubong" from different places. I had others that were too big to fit in the frame. You will always be remembered. :) A bitter sweet goodbye.

As you can tell, they are all dusty, dirty and deformed. I sure suck at keeping them clean or maybe I just outgrew them...

so I can make room for new ones.

Ending this blog with the most random photo I took lol
Yall look what I found on my miso soup, 

That's all for today, I got to go !
Gahd, I really miss blogging, this might seem short and rushed but I have a couple of drafts waiting to be published ! Writing this now, in my sister's room in her apartment/new found safe haven. 

see you when I see you!



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