The Struggles of Planning a Birthday Surprise!

You guys have probably met him on quite a couple of times on my previous posts. I really really wanna share this to all of you coz I consider this one as an achievement. Planning and doing everything by myself is such a work pala ! Joke lang! Naipon lang kase yung mga effort ko bes hahaha! Walang mapag buhusan ng effort eh. :3

Today's blog is about how I lowkey surprised my boyfriend on his birthday!
Yep! lowkey coz it wasn't really a grand surprise. I didn't prepare so many things nor invite some peeps over. Personally, I just wanted it to be for just the two of us. I really am just itching on telling the story behind it, like the dilemmas, the struggles of doing everything. If there's one thing I've learned from this it would be the "not everything can go as you have planned". 

Imma tell you why.

His birthday was on December 26. I started planning about it halfway November. Saving a little from the 3 cut offs left before the grand day I think somehow managed to survive! I first came up with the "Love Coupons" idea that I found on Youtube, bought the materials the next day and made my own version of it. Onto the second gift, I decided to make the infamous mini photo album that I stumbled upon on my Facebook feed just thought that making it is just a piece of cake so I gave it a try. Ain't the artsy type but my creative and art juices be overflowing everywhere tf! Going to and fro Trinoma and SM North just so I can find the finest designs and stickers for it! I was always out and about especially on the last few days! I printed out our photos only to received some major side eye from the woman on the photo stall. Sorry na ate pagbigyan mo na ako. I know it looks cheesy, I was embarrassed myself T^T Anywayssss,  I bought a box where I can put the two of them (the Love Coupons and the Mini Photo Album) together and make the box cutesy by putting some chocolates and all those tiny scrapbook designs. 

I also started building up some white lies to cover up. I told him my boss didn't allow me to switch my rest day prior to his birthday coz of the workloads and given the fact that I work in a retail, the after Christmas Day-day is like a Beyonce concert: jam packed. Little did he know, I had my Boss's permission two weeks before his birthday. Yay!

Here comes the tough part, ugh just thinking about it gives me headache @_@
I rummaged through Divisoria to buy gold foil "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" lettered balloons so I can just hang it up on my wall. 


Came 24th of December, After buying chocolates for my goodies box, I started inflating the letter "P" just so I can have an idea on how to position them on my wall but you know what happened? IT POPPED !!!
So I'm guessing that letter "P" stands for "popped" wtf !
Hindi ko naman pwedeng idikit sa wall ko ng "H-A-P-Y  B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y lang
Juskolord!! ang chaka non! Hindi pwedeng kulang T^T
I was literally crying! 
First, I don't have time to go back to Divisoria just to get a single lettered balloon.
Second, I need to think of something else.
I was really really pissed off that time that I inflated all the balloons and popped them myself one by one >___<

Left with nothing, I started thinking of making a birthday banner instead.
This time, my sister gave me a hand and helped me cut triangular cut outs. I was so hopeless that time. Ugh that stupid balloon !  T^T 
To my eagerness to finish as soon as possible, I used the back of a Christmas gift wrapper as my backdrop for the banner -_- #resourceful lol but tbh I was left with no choice. I designed it and glued the remaining photos from the album.

Came 25th-Christmas Day, we're both busy with our own fams, met up at night where we welcomed his birthday together, of course without getting caught with all of my preparations. He went home in the middle of the night and I prepared myself for the major day!

Came 26th, I was so nervous ! I was thinking what if he saw through me and decided to drop by my house? that can't be! GAAAAAHD! Never thought surprises like this can drive me nuts!.

I dropped by the mall to buy more balloons (wala ng ligo ligo bes anong oras na xD)and pumped the heck out out of em. I told him my Boss approved my half day-duty so we can go somewhere and celebrate it :) he was so excited, I even told him to dress nicely hahaha! Pero ang totoo nyan patapos na kase ako mag prepare.

I set up the Christmas lights on my room to create more romantic effect and turned on my bluetooth speaker just so I can hit play anytime. I took a bath, and for the second time went to the mall to buy a birthday cake. This is it! Malapit na hahaha!

I go for a last test, turned off the lights and let the Christmas lights glow the room. Positioned the balloons, the cake, the birthday/goodies box and my supposed to-be Christmas gift. I think I'm ready.

and so I chatted him saying I arrived home, and after a couple of minutes, he was there in front of my door. That's where I asked him to come up the stairs with me. I pressed play on my phone and heard the speaker from the inside played the music and that's when I opened the door to my room:

At first, he didn't noticed because of the dim room but as he looked around he was awed. I greeted him a happy birthday and he gave me a hug, a long tight one. I'd never ever forget that day. I saw how happy he was. I saw how glittering his eye were upon seeing them and realizing it was a surprise. I saw how grateful he was and all my sleepless nights are paid off. He wasn't expecting something like this haha! He thought we're going out for a dinner somewhere but he was in for a bigger surprise <3

Yep this is what I was talking about.. I kinda feel sad that this was the best one I came up with :( but he loved it and that's more than enough for me.

Sorry for the low quality shot :( It was dim so I had to adjust the brightness.

I have a video of him blowing the candles of this cake and I tell you it was so effin cute hihihi but nope. Not gonna share that one to you guys!

Stay salty ;____;
 He was soooo touched he even cried and hugged me ;___; Sorry babe for making you cry but I consider this a mission success oh and btw, making you cry is actually what I was aiming for xD

It was just plainly romantic. I could see him smile despite the dark lit room. I told myself "Ahh,all the hard works, stress, the late shopping are all worth it". I'm now relieved. This is actually my first time preparing for someone's birthday, it is exciting and thrilling to do. I always remember how you always tell me no one wanted to celebrate it with you even when we're still best friends, and so I wanted to make it somehow special and unforgettable :) 

From now on, whenever you think of your birthday, I hope you will remember this. I hope this will give you a smile on your face and lastly, I hope we can celebrate more birthdays together! coz that would be cool!

 How I hate balloons coz it hurts when it popped near you but look at me inflating all of these *taps self* yes T___T
 IKR my man be aging like a fine wine! ♥___♥

This is the front page of the mini photo album, It has few more pages and a birthday message at the center. *hint: for his eyes only* :*
 and this is the love coupon that I personally make! Isn't it cute ?
Hope you use this babe wisely!!

The birthday goodies box ! Why am I such a nice girlfriend ? ugh you can never find someone like me yaa! lololol #selfproclaimed

After celebrating it, we stayed at this cafe and had our coffee date ♥

and if there's something we can't agree on, it would be the matcha. He doesn't like it coz of it's leafy flavor -_- 

So I'm leaving you guys with a matcha cheesecake ♥♥♥

hope you like this entry.
I know it must be boring reading about my love life but really I just wanna share what I had to put up with to have a mission success !

If you read until here, THANK YOU!




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