November 2016

I know that it's super late but let me continue where I left off. I have so many things I wanted to share with you guys but uuh you know some things we have no control of tends to happen every now and then. Frankly, I don't wanna think about my mom anymore. It just makes me emotional and it's not helping. I'm trying my very best to move on and be positive as much as possible. Mom would want the same thing for us. Diba Atunton ? :) I love you mama !♥ wag ka na mag adik sa iced tea dyan sa heaven ha ? hihihi !

So last November, I did quite a lot of things and I'm thankful for that coz it made me keep my mind off things. 

After a week of being absent at work, I returned with so much responsibilities and I gotta thank my Boss for that. Bet he's doing that to help me occupy myself. :) 

I was an instant representative hahaha!

First off was this Product Training from one of our suppliers International Microvillage Inc. Held at Bigoli Restorante, Trinoma.

Free food for the free loader.

and on the fourth week of November, I was again asked to take over my Boss's behalf and represented our branch. 
This one was a bigger deal than of the other coz it was held at Discovery Suites at Ortigas and I attended it alongside the rest of the managers and some of our company's big bosses. Nakakaloka bes. I was trying so hard to blend in jusko. None of them knew me hahaha ! Abay syempre lol. Anyways just this view is enough haha ! Need I say more ?
 Me with my co-representatives and Dell Sm North's manager Ms. Judy.

One of the few snaps I took. It was nerve wracking being surrounded by these people but it's super duper fun and thrilling. Our speaker (forgot the name huhu sorry T^T) did a great job, I did learned a lot about marketing and other sales-related stuff. Despite having the unkabogable aura around me I think I managed to carry myself somehow. Stuff like this help me boost my self confidence tbh. hihihi!

Lunch what ! I ate a lot that I could still be full even on dinner time #minsanlang

I'm trying to practice taking bokeh like photos from my iPhone but it just won't do justice. :(( 

btw this is how it actually looks. I know I took a very unimpressive shot above ^

And for the food department:

I think my belly was quite happy.

I'm starting to have an addiction with this chocolate drink from DD :D
I still had the audacity to get myself one despite being hella late for work. Tibay mo girl!

You know what happens when your sister fetches you from work!
Tried Tapa Tapa. 

♪my milkshakes bring all the boys in the yard♫

and on a different day, I met up with my boyfriend to try this restaurant I've always been wanting to visit: Brinner :)

Winner 'teh!
Brinner stands for Breakfast for Dinner so expect breakfast dishes a lot. It's quite popular with the students since cafe/restaurant themed like this are just popping out of nowhere. 
From the colorful yet dimly lighted room, it's gives off a bit romantic vibe if you ask me. 

 Especially if you're with this squishy guy right here! ♥

Prices range from 150-250-ish still affordable. They also served this cute cotton candy coolers.

Bacon and eggs for dinner lol 

Mon Amour enjoying his food ♥

Also had these from Sisig Society:

Sisig fries ♥♥♥ 10 out of 10 rating !

It's a first ♥

This has been my first entry for 2017, I'll make a separate post about my resolution. For now I hope you do enjoy this entry. I'll publish some for the month of December before I can continue blogging for 2017. I will really really try to keep up! So please keep posted. 

For those who reads my blog often, I hope you understand :)

Thank you guys! 
Until here,



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