Happy Birthday Bry ♥

So today, I'm celebrating the birthday of someone who is special and dear to me.
I've been planning a lot of surprise ideas but I guess some things aren't just enough for someone who means the world to you.

Our history was kinda cute yet complicated. 
He was my high school first love.
► got in a one-sided relationship
►broken up at some point
►became best buds during college.

I think being best friends for years played a huge part. Our friendship is going well and it wasn't awkward despite sharing a past together,  I've seen new sides of him and exposed some of his flaws that was unknown to me. I've never thought that I will come to love him again. For the second time around. It was risky given the fact that our friendship was at stake and I don't have the guts to have my heart broken twice by the same guy. I tried so many times to push him away coz we're up to no good but he stayed. He had seen the ugly side of me and still chose to stay and I think that's what made me more drawn into him.

He is spontaneous, loves adventures, a gentleman, a child at heart yet has a wild side. The only guy in the world who can tolerate my mood swings and my 5 other personalities. He is all I ever wanted. He is my home. He could be stubborn, annoying and hard headed but God knows I love him.

 This will be one heck of a cringe-worthy post, so if you're single and bitter, I don't suggest you continue reading the letter. 

Hi Babe,

I made this love letter because I think everything I do won't still be enough for the guy who deserves all the love in the world. 
We've been best friends for almost 4 or 5 years? I've never thought of you as my other half nor someone whom I'll cherish and it kind of makes me feel awkward looking back and thinking why the f are we here being so in love and stuff ? I did not feel any special feelings towards you before yet look who's head over heels in love now! I can't imagine we're giving us another chance. You were my childhood love and will always be a part of my past. But here we are, together again after 8 years. No bullshits. No one-sided love.  

You were the one who's always on my side during the passing of my mom, and that alone made me so thankful I have you. Those were the darkest days of my life and I was so broken to the point that I became suicidal. You let me cry. You comforted me everytime I had emotional break downs and that one night where my crying woke you up yet you didn't say anything, you just hugged me. I will never ever forget how you stayed throughout and spend so many nights just so you can make me feel better. :( You were the one who build me up when I reached the rock bottom and was so hopeless in life. I didn't believed you when you told me that everything's gonna be alright coz it's definitely not going to be that way. But know that I'm trying my best to move on with my life. Maybe not that fast but we'll get there eventually. My mom will haunt you if you leave me so alam mo na. not trying to scared you ha! But in all honesty, you know how much she likes you :) and I was so glad you got to meet her before God took her away from us. 

So thank you Bry, not just for staying but for welcoming the real me despite seeing my flaws and my pessimistic side. I know I'm not someone who's worth a chase and loyalty is all that I can offer but know that I do appreciate every efforts you give. Thank you for lifting me up everytime I feel down. For your time and all the random visits and surprises. For the sudden "I love you's" and for the endless patience. For making the butterflies in my stomach go wild for the endless kilig. For that random morning when you half asleep asked me if you could have me for the rest of your life (one of the best mornings I've ever woken up to). For being lighthearted and for not letting a petty reason cause a fight. For apologizing even when I'm the one being immature. For always taking the higher road. For putting up my health above anything else. For taking care of me 24/7. For the late night food trips and movie marathons. For surprising the shit outta me on my birthday. For bearing my KPOP vibe and for actually liking them as well. For tolerating my PMS mood swings and my unlikable flaws/sides. I can never thank you enough for all the things you've done for me, and also to my fam. You're best thing that has happened to me in my 2016. 

Happy Birthday Bry♥
and please don't get mad at me for broadcasting my love publicly lol
Hoping to celebrate more birthdays with you!

Also, I wish you all the best in life and in terms of career, get that one love!
 Remember that I will always be behind your back supporting your every move.
I don't wanna be the kind of girl who will hinder you from chasing all your dreams, I just wanna be the person you'll look for in a crowd, the one you'd run to at the end of the day.
I'm so lucky to have you in my life and I'm always gonna be grateful for your existence. 

Cheers to more years of love♥



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