Thank You For The Broken Heart

Dear you, you who broke my heart and soul...
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Thank you. 

I'm grateful you broke my heart because it saved me. 
It saved me from wasting my time being stuck on you.
Stuck on my life. 

I've been living a not so honest life thinking you are really worth all the pain despite catching you red-handed. I tell myself everyday if I can just hold on and wait for you to change then maybe things will be different. But it didn't.
You knew you're my weakness so you took advantage and pretended you love me when all along there's another woman making you happy. 
I won't be sorry that's not me. 
I know I did the right thing and my future self will thank me for not being stubborn. It's not losing you that broke me. It's the break up that broke me. 
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When I said I tried. Trust me, I did. I tried so hard to understand the situation that you were in and I didn't bat an eye about everything you two did behind my back. Justified your actions to my friends and to my family because I loved you. Unlike me, you never truly know what love means, the sad fact is that you are lonely and you just love the idea of me. 
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I remember feeling angry, confused and disappointed all throughout. We both cried and you promised you would never hurt me again.. but you still went on.... so thank you.
 Maybe it's the way you treated me that made moving on much easier.
Because of you, I was able to realize my worth. Even though what happened made me terrified to love again, I'm positive that someone out there will love me. The honest and genuine kind of love. The one that won't make me question my value every night. 

At the end of it all, I forgive you even if you aren't sorry. Even if that proper closure I was desperately dying to hear will never come. Thank you because loving you taught me how to give, to hurt, to lose, to heal and to pick up my broken pieces and walk away when I need to.  So thank you. For making that choice and for choosing that path. Away from me. I learned an important lesson now and I will use this time to grow as an individual. To focus and leave some for myself. I will blossom in my own time. 

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