Nomi Matcha Experience

Hey !
Today, I will be sharing you guys my experience at Nomi Matcha!
This was dated way back November but since your girl slacked off, I wasn't able to do it on time lol 
Anywaaaaaaay, better late than never :)

I just discovered Nomi Matcha from my Facebook feed and I absolutely fell in love with it. Nomi Matcha as what their name says, is a cafe dedicated to all matcha varieties. I did a little research and I found out that one of the owners actually runs a matcha cafe back in Kyoto so they make sure they use the same matcha for the authenticity and quality which is obviously why this cafe seems to be a favorite~

Fortunately, I have a friend who shares the same obsession with me when it comes to matcha so we got down to business !! 

aaand we didn't hold back lol

Kicking it off with the Matcha Platter: Php470
A bit pricey if you ask me but everything is soo good T^T
My top two faves are the Tiramisu and the Churros~

Vien ordered Croque Monsieur Php290

and I had Pork Kastu Sando Php280
Legit felt healthy munching on these lololol

For our beverages, we had Matcha Frosty and Matcha Surprise.
 Matcha Frosty: Php170

Matcha Surprise: Php170
It's a unique combination of matcha and fruity flavors which surprisingly tasted refreshing!

Verdict: I love it!
Everything tasted good and the price range can be quite overwhelming but think about it, you are actually eating/drinking the exact matcha they use in Japan. ♥
I'm a huge fan of both Matcha and Japan so this is the closest I could get to them lol! #Someday 
Also, the cute-sy pink and earthy combination of their interior gives off a relaxing vibe of the place. Highly recommended! I will probably treat myself here again some other time! I heard their Cookie Shot is delicious too! :)

If you guys want to visit the place, they are located at
G/F W City Center 30th Street corner 7th Ave, Bonifacio Global City
Operating Hours: Daily from 8am-10pm 

Thank you for reading! Til my next update ♥



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