November + December 2018

Before I start this post, just wanna greet you guys a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I have to admit I've been slacking off since November, can't you tell ? This post alone is long overdue! so since it is the way it is, I'll be combining both November and December post here so this will be lengthy. 

/ / N O V E M B E R / /

I was finally able to try out a Cafe that is only dedicated to Matcha!! 
ma haaaart *Q*

Nomi Matcha located at BGC. 
Fortunately, I have a friend who's also a matcha lover coz you know, most of my friends dislike the greeny-earthy taste so yep. Vien is heaven sent lolol.
and I'm also planning on creating a separate post with more pics, prices etc. so watch out for it. For now, I will just tease you with these photos!

Addition to my matcha hunt series!!

Tokyo Bubble Tea!!

Ramen Cool

And another one from my dearest friend, Vien !! Arigatouu~

I also got a chance to go back at Canyon Cove together with my friends and tried Waterpark Adventure for the first time!

Of course photo op as usual!

Thank you Tita for being so accommodating and generous♥

/ / D E C E M B E R / /

Birth month ♥ 
It was overwhelming. I have no words to describe it.

Our team also had our mini Christmas Party!
Thank you for being amazing guys ♥

Moving on, we also have Christmas! my all time favorite occasion.
I'm just happy I get to spend it with my family.

Lastly, my sister and I attended Cosplay Matsuri for the sole purpose of hoarding her otome merch -_- Mystic Messenger. 
It was a nice experience, I haven't been to a con for several years. The last time I went was at Ozine like 10 years ago ? lol not sure!

This kawaii bean and sunflower hairclip.

I bought myself Sailor moon earrings from Dolly Moon. 
Too bad I don't have a photo !

and here we can see my sister buying meat after fangirling at Cosplay Matsuri because #adulting lol 

And to finish my mahou shoujo addiction, I got these CCS tumbler and this magic wand given to me by my sister and a friend. 

Thank you 2018!
I went through a lot and learned from it. 
I will face 2019 with a stronger and braver heart.



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