December 2016

Let's just say, I don't want December to come. First, because it's my brother's birthday. Second, because it's my birthday. Lastly, because it's not like we're up for some celebration. For the most obvious reason of course. 

Came my younger brother's birthday who falls on the exact date my mom died a month ago. He was emotional throughout the day but I can't blame him for that. All that I could offer was my comforting words. 
He's only 16 years old and he's not ready to experience so much pain at a young age. I often see him beside our altar talking to mom's picture. It was saddening but I think him talking to mom really do helps sometimes. He would tell mom stories or how his day went as if she's really there. To top it all, mom appears in his dreams the most. She even greeted him :) I cried whenever he tells me about his dreams with mom. She sure does look after him from above. 

Mine was also December.
 I was feeling so damn wretched when the clock struck twelve on the 20th  but then I got a call from my boyfriend whom I thought was already asleep, he sang me a happy birthday through the phone and it painted a smile on my face, Sobrang mixed emotions na. Afterwards, someone knocked on my door, thought it was just a neighbor but I was so surprised to see him in flesh! He continued singing with his phone still placed on his ears, looking at me with a teasing smile. Labo labo na. My mind completely went blank. Everything seemed to blur in the background, all I could see was the man I could picture myself being wed with. :) I almost forgot that birthdays are meant to celebrate happily. 
Thank you for everything Bry. You're just simply the best.
The 22 yr old me ♥

I spend my day working at the store and when my boss found out about it.
He sponsored my handaaaa T^T.

Truthfully, I don't intend on celebrating it coz I just feel like I'm not supposed to be happy or anything of that sort. It's the saddest birthday I've ever had because mom isn't with us anymore. 
Normally, she would cook something for me and will greet me "Happy Birthday Bibigang" with matching lambing, :( But everything is different now. She didn't even appear in my dream. I was actually waiting for her to greet me herself. Ang hirap. Ni ayoko nga tumanggap ng greetings sa kahit kanino. I'm not in the mood to celebrate it. I even broke down crying in my room when I got home from work only to be comforted by Bryan who barged in. I just felt so miserable. It's so difficult trying to keep up with every birthday greetings I received. I had to pretend to be okay with it when I'm actually dying inside.

 Nevertheless, I just wanna thank everyone who greeted me and to those who made an extra effort just to make my day special. It somehow gave me the feeling of being loved and cared. especially to my boss. Boss Joseph for the treat, to my family whom I love so much, to my boyfriend for the gift (even though you could've wrapped yourself up and make yourself a present lol), and lastly, to my friends ♥ Thank you guys!

Prior to that celebration. We also had our own Christmas Party at our store initiated by our manager :)
It was so cool for him to actually go out of his way and encouraged everyone to have one for ourselves. It was so much fun and I'm so full from all the lamon I did hahaha !
Here's our complete family photo!
My Villman Team ♥

and lastly, our first Christmas together ♥
I really pushed him to date me before Christmas para di ako SMP hahaha lol
Yabang ni Grasya may jowa na!

Thank you for reading up to this point!
I still have a couple left of entries dated last December so I can start this year afresh!

Here's my face para ma badtrip kayo hahaha!

Keep posted guys.
Love lots ♥



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