March 2017

Better late than never ! I almost forgot to publish an entry for March.. Gomeeeeeen neee (-A-)

And if you're wondering what got me busy throughout March hahahaha simple: 
F-O-O-D #sorrynotsorry

So if you're feeling hungry, I suggest you stop reading from this point kkk

First of all, I got to finally try having a decent coffee time at Coffee Empire. Been eyeing this coffee shop for quite some time coz of it's sophisticated exterior and heck I'm not wrong. 

Tried Cappuccino and their Macchiato, *( the most authentic one I've ever tasted) not a fan of coffee if you ask me, but I loved the quiet ambiance of the place, and yeah I love coffee dates♥♥

After having a coffee date (le ticked off the bucket list lol xD) I was still craving for mojos and that went on for so many days so I took the chance and had dinner at Shakeys!!! Best decision ever!! 
 With the best man too ofc!♥ *winks*
they even gave us free ice cream yaaaaay way to end a perfect date night !

Aka Ramen at Ramen Kuroda 
 and ofc you know who ordered this one ▼▼▼
Matcha Halo Halo Everyone !

 One random mall date and this happened. 

I'm not done with Matcha talking yet! My current addition: Matcha Tea Latte at Coco with my girl friend, Edz 
and when I found out they also serve other matcha flavored....
Dated myself and bought one ! On a separate day hahahaha! This one is called Matcha Slush with Salty Cream ♥♥

apologies for flooding this thread about matcha photos :'( It's just that I can't help it huhu T^T

Well, about my life recently.. I attended my friend, Laida's son's Christening! and it still surreal how we are now on the era of attending events like this for a close friend. Time sure flies sooo fast! It was just yesterday when we're all at our college uniforms and cutting classes just to go karaoke or play LoL. We've come to this point.. Idk if it's just me but I do feel sad about it.. Everyone's growing old/apart. Everyone is starting to have their own life and I feel like I'm not keeping up with the pace. 

Not gonna ruin the mood since this event made me and my closest friends reunite!! Still not complete despite the very early notice. Kakatampo. But heyyy, it's still an overwhelming reunion for us!

These people are definitely for keeps♥
 I love you guys!!!
and to you my dearest inaanak, Welcome to the Christian World. Hope you grow up to be such a polite and good son to your mom and dad. ♥ 

I think life is just starting for me.. I feel stress at times thinking that I'm still not in the place where I want to be. that's an honest truth. 

I started selling some of my pre-loved clothes and my fave right here was now sold. Can't help but feel emotional lol ugh don't mind me xD I just remember how I promised myself to wear this once I go to Korea since that's one of my life goals. She's now in good hands ♥ Thank you !

right here is the Zeus gaming mouse that I impulsively bought on Lazada coz it's their Birthday Sale so if you're wondering about the price, I got it for only Php95 hahaha ! BARRRRGAAAAAIN ! not bad for a gaming mouse and I love the lights! let's see how long this will last xD
 Imagine me lurking into St. Marc's Cafe drooling over these !!! 

and a pabebe selfie to finish this entry.
I might be busier this April :( but I'll try to post some more. 
Thank you guys for reading my blog ♥



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