8 Reasons Why Filipinos Love Christmas

The other night while I was walking home, I passed by a store with so many Christmas decoration, the ones with the bright lights and thousands of Santa figures gracing the shop front. Then it hit me,
like the child in me, I'm very fond of this holiday ever since I was a kid and  I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one!
That's how I got this idea and listed some of the main reasons why people seem to love Christmas. ♥

1.) Closer Family Ties.
We gotta admit there's something about how we, Filipinos celebrate Christmas and I personally love it ! I like how everyone is willing to put eveything aside just to spend this day with their families and loved ones. It's that one thing that only us Filipinos will understand.

and after 5 shots of vodka..

2.) Early Christmas Celebration.
Another Filipino tradition that once Ber-month (September) begins, everyone just go nut with the christmas decorations! It's the holiday that I think has the longest celebration from September to December. People will light up their parols, you can see all the vivid lights almost everywhere on the streets and I remember having a memory of me stopping at a shop front because of their bright and beautiful decorations. I was left in awe and I stood there for a good couple of seconds just admiring. 

3.) The Christmas Feast
The amount of time people put in to prepare and cook everything for the feast is so incredible ! I mean how do you guys manage to cook atleast 10 dishes and not to mention the dessert in just a couple of hours before the Christmas Eve ? Di uso ang diet kapag Pasko! Just dig in and boom you're bloated for the next couple of months but no, don't regret eating a lot coz food was there for you when no one else was. hahahahaha

4.) Seasonal Delicacies
In addition to number 4, who could forget our seasonal delicacies like Puto Bumbong and Bibingka that we always hoard before and after Simbang Gabi ? Aside from those two we also have Leche Flan, Ham and of course Kesong Puti ! It will take me years if I mention every dish we filipinos have every Christmas ! 

5.) The All Out Christmas Song Everywhere
Go out on the first day of September and you'll hear my tito Jose Mari Chan's christmas hits blasting on the strereo/jeep/malls/street legit almost everywhere.
and that could go on until next January next year lol I'm not even kidding. 
Aside from my Tito's classical hits, I personally love old christmas songs.
It literally gives me all the snow-y holiday feels even though ehem reality check we don't get to experience snow here uggh ya get me ? :"( 
and speaking of christmas songs, I actually made a post years ago about my Christmas playlist >here< you may fancy some of the ones I love♥

6.) Holiday Movies!!!
If you've never seen the famous Home Alone series or Love Actually. oh god I pity you gurrrrl! Christmas is also about binge watching your fave holiday movie coz you can watch it without people judgin hahahaha coz duh its legit for this season so who are you to tell me dat and nevermind, I still dgaf I can watch it all year round! 

7.) GIFTS!!!
Christmas is all about giving. Nakapag parining na ba kayo sa mga ninong at ninang niyo ? hahahaha ! Sad to say coz as for me, I don't receive gifts anymore, I'm the one who gives T^T adulting made me do it !
So this should be an advance warning/call for help sa mga ninong ko, KAHIT DONATIONS NA LANG PO OKAY LANG- in cash
I'm gonna push the "it's better to give than to receive" phrase hard down in my throat this year.

8.)  We Tend to Forgive.
As what they have said, "Forgiveness is the final form of love"Let's all be honest, forgiving someone isn't an easy task to do. We live in a world that is now full of hatred and angst against everything and everyone but what makes the Christmas so special to forgive those who have sinned ? 
Simple, because it's that one day of all 365 days pin on the calendar where people feel overjoy, excited and just pure love. There are so many things to be grateful for and so many people who deserves to be forgiven as well.
Mainly, yes for your peace of mind too, you wouldn't want to celebrate the best holiday hating on someone just because they did you bad. 
Forgiving may be hard, but let's just let it go and not stress ourselves. 
I swear you're going to feel lighter on the inside.

so let this cutiepie hug you..   

With Christmas being 5 days only, I hope every single one of you who will read this will be happy not just on Christmas Day, but everyday. I wish you guys good health above everything else.  
Merry Christmas and I love you all ♥

on my way to Santa coz I've been a good girl..



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