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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Graduation story

Probably the most strenous month of my school life. Tons of deadlines, the final exams, the paperworks etc. etc. I've reached the point where I feel like giving up on everything. It's just too hard. At the very last minute of deliberation, I was informed that my name could be removed out of the graduating list because of the denied accreditation of the subject that I took outside of our college. I was clearly devastated. 

Our College Dean helped us through that hard phase so in the end, I was allowed to graduate. T^T if it wasn't for her help I wouldn't be here telling you all this.

Now onto the actual day! 

Upon arriving at the venue.
My gang~

Mom and Dad ;____; thank you from the bottom of my kokoro <3

Getting ready to enter Plenary Hall!! 

Photo with this tiny little girl!! 

Le one of the boys hahaha !! 

Photo with my dear classmates! I actually have no idea I was the only girl sitting -____-

And this guy who played such a huge role on helping me with my grade related stuffs, thank you Renz! 

Finally, the ceremony started. 

I could still remember how nervous I was upon going up the stage because of the heels I'm wearing and the only thing on my mind that time was "Don't effin' trip". 

Gladly, I managed to pull myself together and walked smoothly during my turn. 

First photo of us taken after the ceremony! 

My "graduate-laugh" xD
The one I'm most thankful to, our College Dean, Mrs. Suarez!! I wouldn't be there at the hall accepting my diploma without your help. T^T
*group hug* 

Including this photo because I looked human that day! ;____; 

And my fave photo of us among 190+ photos of our graduation. I love you guys!! We made it ! #FriendshipGoals 

After the Graduation Ceremony we had a mini celebration with my fam. :) 

I'll no longer make this a lengthy and dramatic entry because I believe I've already said the things that I wanted to say. And if there's one thing I really want right now. It would be a job hahaha !! Because I'm officially unemployed lol ! 

Thanking the people behind this tremendous success! You know who you are ~ 


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