Monday is always a MonDATE with my sissy. This time, we visited Mae-san ! I always passed this super kawaii store on my way home but I've never really tried their food. 

Located at Fugoso St. Sta. Cruz, Manila. 

I just love how girly the outside looks! 

You'll be greeted いらしゃいませ !(Welcome!) upon entering. oh the japanese vibeeeee ~

This store is a combination of bakery and a small dining place. Aside from the cakes and pastries that they sell, they offer various kinds of rice meals too and they don't just stick to the usual japanese cuisine, they also offer some korean, thai and western dishes. Oh and milkteas ! Super convenient. 

They sell Korean ice creams too! 

Rilakkuma waiting for the food...

Gyu Hamburg Curry (if I'm right), matched with Thai Milktea and Blueberry Cheesecake for dessert. *Q*
Chicken Katsudon.

So close yet so far hahaha !! The table is so asdjkl Hahahaha !! 

//stolen shots//

Lol my sister smiling like she's the owner! Kidding ^_____^v

Showing off our impulsive purchases, matching Rilakkuma phone case !! Sisterhood game so strong. 

Overall, the  food was very delicious, the atmosphere is very bright and the kawaiiness of the interior made me so speechless. TTuTT

Anyway, their comfort room is very cool and high tech too!! You guys should definitely check it out. 

That's all for now, if you're planning to visit, please contact me coz' I live nearby and so maybe you can treat a broke woman and do a good deed HAHAHAHA! 

~► Grace 


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